Definitions for "promotion"
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The act of promoting, advancing, or encouraging; the act of exalting in rank or honor; also, the condition of being advanced, encouraged, or exalted in honor; preferment.
Movement from a position in one pay band to a position in a higher pay band.
A change in which an employee moves from his/her current position to another position requiring more extensive education and/or experience and paying a higher salary. Generally, such a change requires that the higher-level position be formally posted and that the employee apply and be chosen as the most qualified candidate.
An activity, such as a sale or advertising campaign, designed to increase visibility or sales of a product.
The act of selling a product at a reduced price, or a buy one - get one free offer, for the purpose of increasing sales.
A method of increasing sales of merchandise through advertising; any activity designed to enhance sales.
Publicizing an event.
1. The wrestling company. 2. The hype for an event.
Alle de teknikker der bruges til at markedsføre et site via søgemaskiner og vejvisere.
See grammatical function.
See grammatical relation.
A KOHLER faucet technology that ensures the pullout sprayhead is easy to maneuver, with its durable and quiet, braided nylon hose and ball joint swivel sprayhead.
an incentive offered to a group of customers within a time interval
a reward for past performance
An offer created for a selected affiliate or group of affiliates in which a special commission rate applies to a specific product or group of products. This special rate is applied on top of the program level commission rate, offering affiliates incentive to promote your product(s). Promotions can also be created to reward affiliates for referring other affiliates that register for your program (see Member-Get-A-Member program).
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Successful completion of PhD. Award of a doctoral degree on the basis of a doctoral thesis and either an oral examination or a viva on the student's thesis.
The second hypothesized stage in a multistage process of cancer development. The conversion of initiated cells into tumorigenic cells.
activities done or items (signs, brochures, fliers, etc.) created to enhance the popularity of an individual, object, business or activity.
enhancement of the carcinogenic process often by stimulation of cell division of initiated cells.
enhancement of the action of a chemical by another chemical which, on its own, has no observable effect
a bet on someone's future , It ma be a gamble, but you can improve your odds by considering several key factors, such as integrity, flexibility and ambition, by Edward D
Career advancement within an organization, which includes increased authority, level of responsibility, status and pay.
the advancement of some enterprise; "his experience in marketing resulted in the forwarding of his career"
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Advising the public and interested people that a property is for sale.
an organisation representing IFAs that can put you in touch with a registered fee-based adviser near you
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a trick to make you be doing what you ought to be doing anyway
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an obvious motivator
a company in Madagascar work as a source of info and for importer of medical item and tablets and drug
Stages following initiation of mutation on chromosome; can be caused or accelerated by other noncarcinogenic chemicals. Promotion could be reversible if DNA is not extensively damaged.
Special allowances of discounts offered on products by suppliers
a special offer on cell phones or services. Promotions usually include a discount on a phone, extra minutes, or a lower monthly access charge.
A flexible discount or promotion plans based on the default Constant Percent Discount calculator or on custom calculators.
The process of preparing and defending a Dissertation
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an upgrade for your character
the art or science of moving the image of your business into the prospective customer's mind
One of the four “Pâ€(tm)s” of the marketing mix. Promotion is all about businesses communicating with customers.
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a way to say that you are highly valued by the company
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an achievement
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the action taken to communicate with, inform, and gain support from a client or consumer
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see: Mental health promotion
All the techniques used to promote a site by search engines and directories.
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a strong possibility
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See Search Engine Promotion as well as web site promotion.
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to further a cause