Definitions for "Clubs"
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One of the four suits in a deck of cards and one of the two suits colored black. The symbol for clubs is indicated by figure 3, and looks like a three leaf clover. Steve had the Ace of Clubs high to win the hand. Figure 3: clubs
the lowest-ranking suit; symbol: .
A group of youth or adults organized for a common purpose. Most clubs have officers and a program of work or activities to accomplish its mission. A club may be organized on a community basis (e.g., community or school boundary, or section of a city) or it may be organized to study specific interests, such as a photography project. Extension educators work primarily with 4-H clubs and Family Community Education clubs (formerly called Extension Homemaker clubs). Working through clubs is an efficient method for reaching and teaching specific audiences.
The great refuge of the middle and upper class male in London in the 1800â€(tm)s. Originating in the gatherings of men in certain coffeehouses in the 1700â€(tm)s, clubs acquired more permanent and exclusive quarters on Pall Mall and St. Jamesâ€(tm)s Street. Among the more prominent were the Carlton Club, Boodlesâ€(tm)s, Whites, and Brookeâ€(tm)s.
A matchcover category whose advertisement mentions any type of club (athletic, yacht, country, Playboy, political, etc.). Not included in this category are night clubs or matchcover clubs. Some collectors include fraternal.
Used to describe buildings associated with organizations such as social clubs, YMCA, Masons, "gentlemen's clubs"; the term is not used for the organization itself.
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a big part of our children's ministry
A maximum of 14 of any variation may be carried in a competition.