Definitions for "Children"
The sections into which lpStudio/Pro can export portions of a book to facilitate production of some sections of the project at different work stations, at on-site or remote locations. The "children" are the component parts of the parent project.
Members of a dimension that are included in a calculation to produce a consolidated total for a parent member. Children may themselves be consolidated levels, which requires that they have children. A member may be a child for more than one parent, and a child's multiple parents may not necessarily be at the same hierarchical level, thereby allowing complex, multiple hierarchical aggregations within any dimension.
Children includes Adoption, Child day care, Child labour and Orphans and street children Adoption Overseas and domestic adoption. Child [day] care Child care during day. It may include child education. Child labour Assisting child workers, monitoring and fighting against child labour. Orphans & street children Care of orphans & street children. Quite often it includes education and health care.
Individuals qualified to pilot the Evangelions. Limited to 14-year-old boys and girls who do not have mothers. They are all called Children and are identified as First, Second, etc., in the order that they are selected. Of these, the first (Rei Ayanami) and the Third (Shinji Ikari) have very similar patterns, and there have been experiments where the two switched units. The Children candidates have all been gathered at New Tokyo-3 Public Middle School 1, and all the students in class 2-A are candidates. It is unclear why they are called by the plural Children and not Child. Furthermore, "child" can also mean "fetus," "descendant," "something that was born," or "person born out of special circumstances."
Suitable candidates for the Kingdom of Heaven, perhaps due to their possession of spiritual and intuitive powers far in excess of those of adults. These powers are normally allowed to atrophy before they can be developed, simply because they do not fit in with the prevailing social order. (For ideas on how it might be possible to break this vicious circle, see the Piers view). Time spent observing, assisting and generally being around with children is an important aspect of one's path to Transition.
The direct descendants of a sheet or an output record.
BARB reports viewing for Children aged 4-15.
In market research, children are defined internationally by ESOMAR ( as people aged under 14. Their parents' permission is needed to interview them. Some countries have specific laws on this, and have higher age limits - up to 18.
Those under 18 years of age who normally live with the assignee as legal dependants.
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Children is an album by The Mission, released in 1988.
"Children" is a single by trance composer Robert Miles from his album Dreamland. "Children" is Miles' most successful single, being certified Gold and Platinum in several countries and it reaching #1 in more than 12 countries. Miles created several remixes himself with an additional remix by Tilt.
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Another The Man With The Huge Mouth attack. He says it when he ran over So and So's New Boyfriend with a van with "CHILDREN!" Written on the side.
Each line has been rated according to the facilities for children in the following categories: 'Children Welcome', 'Children Accepted', 'Unsuitable for Children'. Some lines allow children on board but not in large numbers.
Categories one level below another category along a drill-down path. For example, Outdoor Products, Environmental Line, and GO Sport Line are children of Products.
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See kids.
CHRONOLOGY: used when one is present in a story. CITY: used where the distinction is important. CITY COUNCIL: used for stories about the body itself, no matter what a community calls the group.
A term occasionally substituted for subclass.
Refers to the next item below an item: for example a department element in the organisation chart would be a child of a service element above it, a target item in the strategy map would be a child of the objective item above it. All organisation elements are children of the top organisation element and all strategy map items are children of the organisation's performance vision.
Inside a Page's content a collection of the sub elements of a content object (i.e. Atoms in a Container). Children of a Page represent the hierarchical sub Pages.
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Individuals newborn to 14 years.
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the reason you can't always get to your own computer to check your e-mail.
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Classifieds Clothing
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Objects that belong to an object group.
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very young people, including babies.
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a great way to find the support you will need
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new, developing entities
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More than one child (see child).
ch/o child of
pl. of Child.