Definitions for "Chronology"
The science which treats of measuring time by regular divisions or periods, and which assigns to events or transactions their proper dates.
the arrangement of events and dates according to their occurrence in a linear sequence of time.
The science of arranging time in periods and ascertaining the dates and historical order of past events.
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Chronology is the third drum and bass album of Dom and Roland released in 2004 on CD (release code ASHADOW31CD) and vinyl (ASHADOW31LP) on the Moving Shadow label, UK. It features collaborations with Kemal, Skynet, and also a remix to Moulin Rouge, track from Dom & Roland's previous album, Back for the Future. Religious historical dates--includes others besides Zoroastrianism.
An information resource presenting information organized by date. Examples include: Chronology of Geologic Thinking from Antiquity to 1899 and Chronology of 20th Century American History.
a reference book that presents information organized by date.
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a yard of concete available in a separate box for ease of Pictures of villages, churches and scenery in Crete
A general term for the age-depth relationship in ice, sediment, or another deposit. Ages are usually measured for discrete samples, and the ages of intermediate samples is interpolated between samples with measured ages.
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a natural by-product