Definitions for "Byline "
The person who wrote the story. This name usually appears under the headline or at the end of the story.
A printed line showing the author's name in a magazine or newspaper.
The line (usually printed below the title of a published article) that states the name of the writer and to credit her with writing the piece.
a statement of authorship
Credit for authorship of work which can and should be provided for by contract.
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The endline.
Byline is a command-line multi-protocol Weblog client. It manipulates the content of weblogs using XML-RPC interfaces, and can be used with your favorite text editor. It supports Blogger, Movable Type, and Nucleus, and should work with any other CMS that uses the Blogger or MetaWeblog API.
contains the primary statement of responsibility given for a work on its title page or at the head or end of the work.
The end touchlines of a soccer field. If the ball goes over the byline, it will be a corner if touched by the team defending that end, or a goal kick if touched by the attacking side. This term is most used when referring to "crosses" from the byline, which are often especially devastating and hard to defend again.
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a section of key information relating to a person, company, or organization that is sometimes called a "resource box"