Definitions for "Blurb"
A short description on a book jacket about the contents of a book or about the author.
Enthusiastic recommendation from a critic or other promotional passage printed on the jacket of a book, in advertisements, or on the beginning pages. Sometimes a critic's remarks are carefully edited to produce a blurb. "You are in trouble when you begin to believe your blurbs." ---Quintan Crisp
Comments about the book--almost always in the form of praise, found on the inner flaps or back of the dustjacket.
a short concise statement about a company, a product, an event, or other point of interest placed in the official program of an event; can also refer to a press release. See news release and press release. Also see balloon.
a paragraph or a fragment of a larger thing
a short description returned from a search and/or the front page
(see breakout)
Text that summarizes an article, usually set smaller that the headline and larger than the running text. Also called a breakout or pull quote.
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a Whoozit followed by one or more Whatzits
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See Dek.
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Copy whitch relates to a title.
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a small amount of text to encorage people to look at your work
a time frame where you say something for the specified period