Definitions for "breakout"
Technical analysis term used to describe price action rising above resistance...
Point when a stock price moves above some resistance level.
The growth in a security's price above a resistance level or decline below a level of support.
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Movement of the puck by a team out of its own end.
The play used by the attacking team to move the puck out of its own zone and up the ice toward the opponent's goal.
Movement of a team in possession of the puck out of its defensive zone.
When an individual runs a faster elapsed time than the one dialed-in (predicted) he/she loses. This rule also applies to index classes.
In handicap racing, means the contestant has run faster (quicker) than his index or dial-in.
Term used in handicap racing that refers to a competitor that runs an elapsed time quicker that their predetermined dial-in time, the competitor is then disqualified.
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A breakout is a military operation to end a situation of encirclement or siege. It is used in contexts such as: "The British breakout attempt from Normandy".
"Breakout" is a single from the Foo Fighters third album There Is Nothing Left to Lose. It was released on two main discs in 2000. It was featured in the movie Me, Myself & Irene, and its music video features Dave Grohl as someone suffering from a "multiple personality" disorder (similar to Jim Carrey´s character in the movie) and Traylor Howard, who also starred in the movie, as his girlfriend.
"Breakout" was a single from British jazz-pop/sophisti-pop act Swing Out Sister's debut album it's better to travel.
A point outside a completed geometric pattern. Breakout indicates that the pattern in question has been activated such that it gives a minimum prediction.
The point a conductor or group of conductors breaks out from a multi-conductor cable to complete circuits at various points along the main cable.
one multi-circuit cable or connector in, lots of cables or connectors out. Also used for opposite arrangement.
A new high of day or when a stock has broken out of an extended range.
a technical analysis term used to describe the movement of a stock
Is the departure from a trading range. It can be on the upside or the downside.
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Breakout is a 1975 action film starring Charles Bronson, Jill Ireland, Robert Duvall, John Huston, and Randy Quaid.
Act of unscrewing one section of pipe from another section, particularly when drill pipe is being withdrawn from the wellbore.
This is a PCB fault where part of a drilled hole cuts through its associated copper pad.
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The creation of a new idea. Steps: invention of idea, constructive way to share new idea, new name and appearance, introduce self and announce professional intentions, discuss package, vote.
Breakout is a Pong-like arcade game introduced by Atari in 1976, with a follow-up, Super Breakout, appearing in 1978.
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a penetration of resistan
An accident caused by the failure of the walls of the hearth of the blast furnace, resulting in liquid iron or slag (or both) flowing uncontrolled out of the blast furnace.
A sentence excerpted from the body copy and set in large type, used to break up running text and draw the reader's attention to the page. Also called a blurb or pull quote.
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Breakout is the 6th episode of the second season of American Dragon: Jake Long.
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Something alien to beginners. An "Eddy" that a boat can use to break out of the current and then stop in.
Breaking an egg and examining its contents to determine whether the blastodiscwas fertilized or embryonic structures were present.
rapid change in strategic posture or a rapid reversal of a formal or informal agreement about nuclear weapons status. For example, a rapid increase in the number or U.S. nuclear missiles would be a breakout from the START I treaty.
Breakout is one of the most renowned Polish blues rock bands founded on february 1 1968.
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The synopsis of the story. Key highlights of the story that stand out.
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an escape from jail; "the breakout was carefully planned"
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a different sound from that of a rally
Discharge or ponding of effluent on the ground surface
A region in a harness assembly where a wire or a group of wires is detached to form a separate, terminated branch. Also known as a transition.
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The summer breaking up and floating away of fast ice that has built up during winter.
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a change in a technical indicator that generates a change in the trading signal, from a hold to a buy or sell, from a buy to a sell, or from a sell to a buy.
a place to trade tricks and tips
a different procedure entirely to a missed approach procedure