Definitions for "FAST"
To abstain from food; to omit to take nourishment in whole or in part; to go hungry.
To practice abstinence as a religious exercise or duty; to abstain from food voluntarily for a time, for the mortification of the body or appetites, or as a token of grief, or humiliation and penitence.
Abstinence from food; omission to take nourishment.
Abbreviation for Flexible Accelerated Securities Transfer.
Flexible Accelerated Securities Transfer. The electronic share settlement system used by the Australian Stock Exchange prior to the introduction of the CHESS system in 1995.
A rope by which a vessel is secured to a wharf.
A computer software program that gives air traffic controllers a picture on how to most efficiently space aircraft for an approach to an airport as well as alternate solutions for air traffic control problems.
A European vendor organization concerned with preventing piracy and other forms of unauthorized software usage.
Federation Against Software Theft - an organisation supported by software producers that is dedicated to preventing software piracy
Firmly fixed; closely adhering; made firm; not loose, unstable, or easily moved; immovable; as, to make fast the door.
Firm against attack; fortified by nature or art; impregnable; strong.
Firm in adherence; steadfast; not easily separated or alienated; faithful; as, a fast friend.
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To make strong betting.
Quick paced, hurried.
acting or moving or capable of acting or moving quickly; "fast film"; "on the fast track in school"; "set a fast pace"; "a fast car"
adj. Playing exceptionally aggressively.
a flush - a flush with liquids
Playing a hand aggressively, betting and raising as much as possible. A.k.a. “Playing it Fast
Refers to film, digital camera settings, and photographic paper that has high sensitivity to light. Also refers to lenses that offer a very wide aperture, such as f/1.4, and to a short shutter speed.
Films of high sensitivity or lenses of large relative aperture. This term is also sometimes applied to unusually sensitive papers.
1. Term used to describe a film or paper that is very light-sensitive. 2. Indicates the speed of a lens, based on the maximum aperture (very wide opening). 3. A very short shutter opening duration.
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That which fastens or holds; especially, (Naut.) a mooring rope, hawser, or chain; -- called, according to its position, a bow, head, quarter, breast, or stern fast; also, a post on a pier around which hawsers are passed in mooring.
A rope or chain used to moor a boat to the wharf. It is designated in accordance with the end of the boat with which it is used as bow-fast or stern-fast.
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A warning cry to STOP shooting immediately. Usually called out when someone or something! strays into or behind the shooting area
The warning shout to stop shooting in an emergency. ield captain The person controlling the shooting.
Rather ancient if you ask me. It is a warning cry to STOP shooting.
The PeopleSoft Financials system.
Field Assessment Team
Fleet Antiterrorist Security Team, a Marine Corps unit.
Moving rapidly; quick in mition; rapid; swift; as, a fast horse.
In such a condition, as to resilience, etc., as to make possible unusual rapidity of play or action; as, a fast racket, or tennis court; a fast track; a fast billiard table, etc.
In a fast or rapid manner; quickly; swiftly; extravagantly; wildly; as, to run fast; to live fast.
Given to pleasure seeking; disregardful of restraint; reckless; wild; dissipated; dissolute; as, a fast man; a fast liver.
unrestrained by convention or morality; "Congreve draws a debauched aristocratic society"; "deplorably dissipated and degraded"; "riotous living"; "fast women"
Deliberate abstention from certain or all food. When applied in a social or political conflict, it may be combined with a moral appeal seeking to change attitudes. It may also be intended simply to force the opponent to grant certain objections, in which case it is called a hunger strike.
Footing that is dry, even and resilient.
Official track condition when the surface is free of excessive moisture and at its best. Other track conditions are good, slow, heavy, muddy, sloppy and wet fast, describing various levels of moisture in the surface and its liveliness.
the condition of a dirt track when it is dry and firm
Jest to program instalujacy kilka najwazniejszych i najczesciej uzywanych pakietow w Polsce dla Fedory Core.
irefighter ssisted earch eam. Manpower squad made up of members of various local fire departments, used mainly in the Hudson Valley area.
A reactor without a moderator in which the fission chain reaction is sustained with high speed (fast) neutrons. It is capable of converting unused uranium-238 into plutonium fuel - known as breeding - which means that FBRs could be important in the future as a means of greatly extending the energy resources of uranium.
FAST CP, or Fast Active queue management Scalable Transmission Control Protocol, takes a different approach (uses different algorithms) to data congestion. Designed by Caltech, FAST protocol was designed for high-speed data transfers over long distances (it operates at 95 percent throughput instead of the 30-40 percent, typical of standard TCP) and wireless networks.
Target speed is estimated to be 600 knots ground mach 1 or greater.
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FAST is a coalition of the Internet Advertising Bureau (), the ANA, and the ARF that has recommended or is working on guidelines for consumer privacy, ad models and creative formats, audience and ad impression measurement, and a standard reporting template together with a standard insertion order. FAST originated with Proctor and Gamble's Future of Advertising Stakeholders Summit in August, 1998. FAST's first guideline, available in March, 1999, was a guideline on "Basic Advertising Measures." Our definitions in this list include the FAST definitions for impression and click.
Permanent; not liable to fade by exposure to air or by washing; durable; lasting; as, fast colors.
resistant to destruction or fading; "fast colors"
(1) Having a high photographic speed. The term may be applied to a photographic process as a whole, or it may refer to any element in the process, such as the optical system, emulsion, developer. (2) Resistant to the action of destructive agents. For example, a dye image may be fast to light, fast to heat, or fast to diffusion.
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evaporating if greater than 3.0. Examples: Methyl Ethyl Ketone = 3.8 Acetone = 5.6 Hexane = 8.3
Freight Action Strategy for the Everett-Seattle-Tacoma Corridor project
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Tenacious; retentive.
FAA Acquisition System Toolset Contracting FAST
Freeway and Arterial System of Transportation
A System development methodology
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ቅልጡፍ View
daddafaa View
Fast Auroral SnapshoT FEP Formats Evolution Process
After FAST has been executed, the EMIT I/O will be in line-buffered mode, a highly-efficient alternative to the single-character I/O mode. This is the default mode of CONSOLE I/O as JForth is distributed. In FAST mode, any characters EMITted are held in a buffer until either: 1) The buffer is full. 2) CR , CR? , or FLUSHEMIT is executed. 3) Input is requested by KEY , EXPECT . FAST acts to install its own vectors in the EMIT vector. Any characters EMITted in FAST mode will update OUT (via +OUT) to reflect the current cursor column number. Related Words: SLOW FASTEMIT CONSOLE EMIT KEY FLUSHEMIT
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See Perforce.
a private passion, or can be called for a group to refocus attention and desire on something spiritual
a sacrifice, the giving up of something
Describes an ELISA kit format that modifies standard ELISA incubation times to reduce the time required to achieve reliable, quantitative test results.
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Not easily disturbed or broken; deep; sound.
an extreme example of a "DIET," which sounds the same as dye it, or "remedy for gray hair
Rate of response when the cymbal is struck: how fast or slow it makes a sound and how that sound decays. A smaller or thinner cymbal responds and decays faster than larger, heavier models.
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a girl who may find herself in trouble; a flirt.
a controlled penitential practice
The greyhound racetrack's state during normal weather conditions.
Expressions Fathom Navigation
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The IMS300 safely lifts ferrous components in seconds.
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The company that owned
The donor category added to records of individuals currently employed by the University of Idaho. Based on UI human resource records. Updated quarterly.
(used of timepieces) indicating a time ahead of or later than the correct time; "my watch is fast"
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forward Process similar to NCOA ( see below), except the FASTforward database contains only 13 months of moves.
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A custom in which, on the first Sunday of each month, church members go without two meals and give the money they would have spent on those meals to the Church.
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a physiological rest
an excellent time to open oneself up to the absorption of new sources of energy, harmony and knowledge
A term used to describe a SCSI-2 defined synchronous transmission rate of between 5 MHz and 10 MHz.
Faceted Application of Subject Terminology
Flexible Advanced Stacking Technology
Future Advanced Sequencer Technology
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What you are hoping to become with all of this training
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Federal Accounts Symbols and Titles (FAST Book) ( link to)
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