Definitions for "Fishing"
Retrieving objects from the borehole (e.g., a broken drill string, or tools.)
Recovering the tools or pipe that have been accidentally lost down the borehole by using specially designed tools that screw into or grab the missing equipment.
The act of trying to retreive a tool or pump part dropped down into a well. It also is the name for the tool used to extract foot valves from open top cylinders.
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Exchanging tiles or playing a low-scoring word in the hope of being able to play a bingo the next turn. See Bingo and High Probability Tiles.
(A.K.A. DUMPING) To play only one or two tiles, usually for few points, keeping five or six really good tiles, with the hope of playing a high-scoring word next turn.
Throwing out one tile in the hope of picking up a specific tile to make a bonus word: e.g. discarding the R from the rack Q-U-E-T-R-A-L in the hope of picking up the Z to make QUETZAL. DISHING is discarding one tile with the high probability of forming a bonus with the new letter: e.g. discarding the Q from the rack S-A-T-I-R-E-Q. WISHING is exchanging all seven tiles in the hope of picking up a seven-letter word.
the occupation of catching fish for a living
any activity that involves the catching, taking or harvesting of fish.
Simulation of the traditional hobby of catching fish for sport.
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an integral part of life in the islands of Western Samoa, and a project to restock a lagoon with giant clams is helping the local community increase productivity
Saltwater fishing is a leading sport in Rhode Island and only a 35 minute drive from Providence, Warwick and Cranston.
(See Recreational fishing).
stealing with stick and hook
any property that has aquatic features that offer opportunities for fishing, or may be near an area that has fishing as a recreational value. This includes properties with rivers, lakes or ponds, or are in close proximity to rivers or lakes.
Something Brian does not understand. Lots of great television shows about it and plenty of time to watch, now that MSCL has been canceled.
Another little-used term applied to the custom of personal pleading with sinners at Salvation meetings, meaning actively seeking them out in their seats.
1) the art of racing someone and beating them knowing that they never had a chance to begin with. 2) challenging a n00b (or someone obviously unskilled) and beating them for tune points 3) taking someone directly to your home course (or a course that you know the person is not good on) 4) getting back at someone you lost to by challenging them to a course you're good on
the act of someone who fishes as a diversion
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see "Phishing"
Getting cables through finished walls and ceilings. Home Improvement Encyclopedia
The so called psychic/intuitive or medium asks questions to get small bits of information to incorporate into the reading.
Pertaining to fishing; used in fishery; engaged in fishing; as, fishing boat; fishing tackle; fishing village.
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Flying Discs Football
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The act, practice, or art of one who fishes.
A fishery.