Definitions for "Hobby"
A strong, active horse, of a middle size, said to have been originally from Ireland; an ambling nag.
A stick, often with the head or figure of a horse, on which boys make believe to ride.
An activity undertaken in order to be able to mention it in one's curriculum vitae. See also work.
A subject or plan upon which one is constantly setting off; a favorite and ever-recurring theme of discourse, thought, or effort; that which occupies one's attention unduly, or to the weariness of others; a ruling passion.
a favorite pastime of a person
a favourite pastime, which a person chooses to his or her liking
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A small, strong-winged European falcon (Falco subbuteo), formerly trained for hawking.
small Old World falcon formerly trained and flown at small birds
an Authorized Service Center (ASC) for MTH Trains, Inc
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The "hobby" is punting
a child's plaything consisting of an imitation horse mounted on rockers; the child straddles it and pretends to ride
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a defiance of the contemporary
a recreatio Education and Development in South Asia Highly educated and technically rich youth preferemigration for job and settling
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a very important for everybody
a great consolation to a man
a great outlet
a great way to forget the stresses that life usually springs up on you
Income from a hobby is not taxable and related expenses are not allowable. There are criteria to differentiate between a business and a hobby. If in doubt, contact the Inland Revenue, accountant or Tax Advisor.
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The patronizing of prostitutes.
a business that makes no or inconsistent profit
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a few hours here and there
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a very personal thing
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a complete change from work
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a typical example