Definitions for "sense of humor"
a beautiful thing
a big bonus to me too
a big part of the right attitude
a frugal blessing in other ways, too
a help and a blessing through life," says Rear Admiral Buhler
a must in the mommy business, she said, and anyone who takes themselves too seriously is in for a rough ride
a good basis for any entertainment product
a must, good w
a must, good with kids, likes to go out but can be happy at home as well
Keywords:  trait, survive, can't, affraid, nicer
the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous; "she didn't appreciate my humor"; "you can't survive in the army without a sense of humor"
a humor bumper sticker requisite for long-term survival in the humor bumper sticker Real Estate industry
a must and she can't be affraid of dirt
Keywords:  honesty, humility, coyote, ego, loyalty
a great help, and Coyote's observation on the proper balance of ego and humility is also important
a must and honesty is extremely important to me
a must as is loyalty and honesty
Keywords:  laughter, nothing, believe, adds, feel
a must as I feel there is nothing without laughter
a must because I believe that laughter adds years to our lives
a developed perspective, an attitude that allows for a sense of control in this change-crazed world
a measurement of the extent to which we realize that we are trapped in a world almost totally devoid of reason
a perspective on life, a way of perceiving the world and a behavior that expresses that perspective
Keywords:  homeschooling
a must in homeschooling
Keywords:  ridiculous
a sense of the ridiculous
Keywords:  courage, adventure, spirit
a must, as is courage, and the spirit of adventure
Keywords:  hilarious, partner
a must for my partner, because im hilarious
Keywords:  prerequisite
a prerequisite
Keywords:  hindrance, i've, gift, mask, emotion
a gift, but when you use it to mask an emotion that needs to be expressed, it becomes a hindrance
a gift that I've been given and I highly recommend it to others
an asset she has one too
an incredible asset
a real asset
a rare commodity in our line of work
a valuable commodity in today's society, unfortunately, too many people have lost theirs or believe that, when they get offended by something, someone else ought to care
a must and should enjoy romance
a must and someone that enjoys her blue jeans but dresses for the occasion at th
a must if you intend to contact me
a must, I tend to be playfully sarcastic, can you handle it
a must, or you'll never understand me
an absolute requirement without it, youd never be able to put up with being around me
Keywords:  silly, times
a must, as I can be silly at times
a great ally when you are on the job market, but two is even better
a great asset
a great tool for building strong realationships
a must when you are running an industry group like the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG)
Keywords:  lavishly, grace, spend, saving
a saving grace - to spend lavishly
Keywords:  zest, anybody, look, life, qualities
a must, and a zest for life are qualities I look for in a man
a must from anybody in my life on any level
a way of looking at life
Keywords:  serious, want, valuable, moments, hang
a must as there is enough serious moments in life
a must for anyone that want's to get to know me
a must ( You have to have one if you want to hang with me)
Keywords:  intrigity, man, your
a must, intrigity, a man of your
a requisite for delegates and observers at this United Nations Conference on Climate Change taking place in Kyoto, Japan
Keywords:  overlooked, spam, weapon, war
an overlooked weapon in the war on spam
Keywords:  companion, comforting
a comforting companion
a must, as well as being fina
a must, as well as the ability to carry on a conversation about anything ranging from a-z
a strong male quality, and always implies agression
Keywords:  foster, parenting
a must when foster parenting
a sign of intelligence, and George W
a sure sign of recovery
Keywords:  mandatory, requirement
a mandatory requirement
Keywords:  troubles, defense, minor, major
a major defense against minor troubles
Keywords:  big, guys, turn, part
a big part of who these guys are
a big turn on for me
a must, preferably educated and career minded
Keywords:  warped, twisted
a must as warped and twisted as it might be
Keywords:  library
a must in this library
a secondary sexual characteristic
Keywords:  relationship
a must in a relationship with me
Keywords:  players
a MUST for all players