Definitions for "Specialty"
Only one sighthound breed eligible to participate at the trial.
A "specialty ring" is a ring where the breeds are separated into categories such as "longhair" and "shorthair" for the purposes of judging and awarding prizes. A "specialty judge" is a judge that is licensed only to judge in a specialty ring, not in an allbreed ring.
any of the areas of medicine in which there is a residency available.
a specific area of expertise a character possesses within an Aptitude
Doctors belong to a specialty (or specialties) that relates to the field of medicine that they are expert in e.g. paediatricians are paediatric specialists who are experts in the care of children and young people. Hospitals often use specialties as organisational units, a number of specialties may make up one directorate. For example NGH's Surgical directorate includes urology, vascular surgery, opthalmology, maxillo-facial surgery, oral surgery and Ear, Nose and Throat surgery and general surgery specialists. Tertiary centre A tertiary centre is a centre where patients may be tranferred to in order to receive specialist treatment for example a burns unit.
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an asset of special worth or utility; "cooking is his forte"
a course in Tuscan cooking
a roast cooked in the camp oven over the open fire, just as the early settlers did, and best of all, we do the cooking
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a new baby basket with a personalized blanket, tea and cookies for the parents, and a cigar for the new dad
Investment company concentrating its holdings in specific industry groups, such as technology, natural resources, gold, etc.
Allografts that are precisely shaped to exact specifications for easier implantation
An item offered to a customer or prospect, usually free or at a nominal price as an inducement. Also see tchatchke.
the special line of work you have adopted as your career; "his specialization is gastroenterology"
That for which a person is distinguished, in which he is specially versed, or which he makes an object of special attention; a speciality.
a distinguishing trait
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A particular or peculiar case.
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the second lie on the c.v.
A contract or obligation under seal; a contract by deed; a writing, under seal, given as security for a debt particularly specified.
a sealed contract.
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A global constant stored in IDL.
A given receiver's ability to be particularly successful with a given class of targets (e.g., people as opposed to buildings).
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a narrow field of study within a greater knowledge