Definitions for "Field"
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A collective term for all the competitors in any outdoor contest or trial, or for all except the favorites in the betting.
One of the two scans of a frame in interlaced scanning formats.
Some bookies will put all the outsiders in a contest together as "the FIELD," which means that all the non-named players or teams are included in a bet on the FIELD. So, in a golf tournament bookies may offer odds on 80 individuals and all other players are in the FIELD, which may be on offer at odds of about 7.00 (6/1).
a unit of information in a record, a column in a table.
(1) (ISO) On a data medium or in storage, a specified area used for a particular class of data; e.g., a group of character positions used to enter or display wage rates on a screen. (2) Defined logical data that is part of a record. (3) The elementary unit of a record that may contain a data item, a data aggregate, a pointer, or a link. (4) A discrete location in a database that contains an unique piece of information. A field is a component of a record. A record is a component of a database.
The smallest named unit of data in a system. Fields are grouped together to form records.
An open space; an extent; an expanse.
The space covered by an optical instrument at one view.
A field is an algebraic structure with addition, "+", and multiplication, "·", (and subtraction and division) with certain rules. A vector space is defined with scalars chosen from a particular field. The rules which define a field F are: For all , and + ∈ F (Closure of Addition) + = + (Commutativity of Addition) +(+) = (+)+ (Associativity of Addition) There is some 0∈F such that 0+= (Additive Identity) For any ∈F there is some ∈F such that +=0 (Additive Inverse) [We call this element -] · ∈ F (Closure of Multiplication) · = · (Commutativity of Multiplication) ·(·) = (·)· (Associativity of Multiplication) For any non-zero ∈F there is some ∈F such that · = 1 (Multiplicative Inverse) [We call this element ·(+) = · + · and (+)· = · + · (Distributive Laws) Examples: R (real numbers), C (complex numbers) and Q (rational numbers) are fields Z2, the set {0,1} with addition and multiplication mod 2 (i.e. 1+1=0) is a field. (For any prime integer , the set {0,1,...,-1} with addition and multiplication mod is also a field, called Z.)
Any blank space or ground on which figures are drawn or projected.
the background surface of a coin not used for the design or inscription
The inner area of a rug with a solid, central floral, or geometric design. It also contains the dominant color. See GROUND
The ground of each division of a flag.
The field or ground of a flag comprises the background which a coat of arms or the canton may contrast.
is the background (predominant color) of a flag.
The stationary electrical part of a dc motor.
The electromagnet which furnishes the magnetic field that interacts with the armature in motors and generators.
A region containing electric or magnetic lines of force, or both.
the clump of riders near or at the front in a road race.
The total number of runners for a particular race.
All entrants in a race.
a broad area of learning on the National Qualifications Framework, as defined in the National Qualifications Framework classification system. (See also classification)
Participation area for field events.
Cultivated open land area; land used for raising crops or for conducting experiments.
Cleared land; land suitable for tillage or pasture; cultivated ground; the open country.
A piece of land of considerable size; esp., a piece inclosed for tillage or pasture.
a named clearing or opening in woods; a pasture or abandoned farm site; occasionally in rural usage, a reference to a ball diamond; sometimes a reference to an earlier Indian agricultural site; named fields were often used for hunting, picnics, gatherings : Marlow Field.
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The group of people riding to hounds, excluding the MFH and Staff.
The riders, considered collectively (other than the Master, Whips, and huntsman), n who follow the hounds in a hunt
Mounted followers other than Master and staff. Usually divided into two or more fields: first flight, non-jumpers, hilltoppers, car/foot-followers.
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Refers to a specific area within a dialog box or a window or screen where information can be entered.
Used to indicate a location into which text may be typed.
A place on the computer screen which either shows you information or allows you to enter information into a program.
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In a computer file, a field is a set of digits read as one number. For example the digits 310599 could be divided into fields thus: 3,1,0,5,9,9 or thus: 31, 05, 99.
In CRAPS, numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12.
Ring which also allows division. An example is the set of rational numbers (i.e. fractions of integers).
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A named collection of labeled subfield(s). For example, IHO attribute label/code and IHO attribute value are collected into a field named Feature Record Attribute.
An alternative term for attribute.
A field is a column within an attribute table. A field applies to all features and contains specific information. An example is a vector dataset containing county boundaries would likely have a field called "Name" that would contain the name of each county.
noun: any public place where a pickup artist can meet women.
Field (1991) is a sculpture by British artist Anthony Gormley. It consists of approx. 35,000 individual terracotta figures, each between 8 and 26cm high, installed on the floor of a room facing the viewer. The figures were sculpted in Cholula Mexico by about 60 members of a Texca family of brickmakers, under the supervision of the artist.
Anywhere not on a base. Scientists in particular like to talk about being "out in the field" - it makes them sound more rugged and heroic.
The players involved in a particular hand. Ace pair against a large field is weaker than most people realize.
Field is one of the core concepts used by French social scientist Pierre Bourdieu. Field is a setting in which agents and their social positions are located. The position of each particular agent in the field is a result of interaction between the specific rules of the field, agent's habitus and agent's capital (social, economic and cultural).
The whole surface of an escutcheon; also, so much of it is shown unconcealed by the different bearings upon it. See Illust. of Fess, where the field is represented as gules (red), while the fess is argent (silver).
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The field – or pitch – is 100 yards long and 53 yards and 1 foot wide. The end zones are 10 yards deep. Yard markings cover the field to enable players, officials and fans to judge distances covered etc.
A full size polo field is 300 yards by 160 yards, or the area of three soccer pitches. The goal posts, which collapse on severe impact, are set eight yards apart.
usually 300 yards long by 160 yards wide and outlined by sideboards.
A magical place in Yadkin County. The Trinamic Trio, due to a remarkable string of coincidences, owns this field between 10 pm and sunrise. Of nearly mythical proportions, for it is likely you will never ever see it. Visits are by invitation only, and photography of The Field is prohibited.
a single operand in a JCL statement
Term used to describe a combination or group of participants that can be backed at a single price.
An individual producing unit consisting of a single pool or multiple pools of hydrocarbons grouped on, or related to, a single structural or stratigraphic feature
FIELD magazine is a twice-yearly literary magazine published by Oberlin College in Oberlin, Ohio and focusing on contemporary poetry and poetics.
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Refers to the spread of light intensity across a beam. Most profile lanterns have an adjustable field. A Flat field has an even distribution, a peak field has a "hot spot" in the centre of the beam. A flat field is essential when using gobos. See Profile.
Refers to the spread of light intensity across a beam. Most spot luminaires have an adjustable field. A flat field has an even distribution, while a peak field has a hot spot in the center of the beam.
means anywhere out of the sales office. Field sales people or managers are those who travel around meeting people personally in the course of managing a sales territory. To be field-based is to work on the sales territory, as opposed to being office-based.
In sale, it means anywhere out of the office. Field sales people are those who travel around meeting customers in their sales territory.
Coordinator Field Coordinators are members of the GSSW faculty and the field education team. They work directly with students and agencies in the internship placement process.
That part of the grounds reserved for the players which is outside of the diamond; -- called also outfield.
A part of the Antarctic that's not part of a base. A Field Trip is a trip away from the base, often camping.
On physical analogies this word should have important application in behavioral inquiry. The physicist's uses, however, are still undergoing reconstructions, and the definite correspondence needed for behavioral application can not be established. Too many current projects for the use of the word have been parasitic. Thorough transactional studies of behavior s on their own account are needed to establish behavioral field in its own right.
Where the public are. An interviewer "in the field" is out interviewing people, which is known as Fieldwork. Don't confuse this field with the other type of field used in computing.
The physical location where the interviewing takes place.
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FIFO file
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The golfers in a competition.
All players in a given competition.
A unit of text that is the result of one of the shell expansions. After expansion, when executing a command, the resulting fields are used as the command name and arguments.
The expanse of wall between openings, corners, etc., principally composed of stretchers.
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A place where a battle is fought; also, the battle itself.
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A place of dense, shorter plants, including shrubs and grasses. Because hardly any trees grow in a field, plants that need a lot of sunlight are able to grow. A farmer's field has only the plants that the farmer wants to grow; a wild field, such as a meadow, has many different plants and animals.
before enclosure a field was a large stretch of open arable land subdivided into strips. After enclosure it was more typically a close.
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To stand out in the field, ready to catch, stop, or throw the ball.
To catch, stop, throw, etc. (the ball), as a fielder.
n. 1. Loosely, a member of a structure or union. (An unambiguous term is member.) 2. Specifically, a bitfield (see question 2.25).
An unresticted or favorable opportunity for action, operation, or achievement; province; room.
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geology studied in situ is said to be 'in the field'.
The location where ministry, church planting, and evangelism takes place.
A group of marked spots that is not circled.
A group of characters treated as a unit, such as a name field or a time field.
Refers to the entire group of cars on the racetrack
An arrangement of bus sections perpendicular to gas flow energized by one or more high voltage power supplies.
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A region of physical influence that interrelates and interconnects matter and energy. Fields are not a form of matter; rather matter is energy bound within fields.
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Each section on the "Submit Event" form is a field (such as event title, city, objectives, etc.) The field is where you input event information.
The subject, population, or professional role specified in the title of a license issued by the Department.
Fields can be different areas displayed to you on a web page. Each of which is defined: for example the 'Title' field is the part of the form where you type the title of a piece of content.
A foreground component object on a window, remote form or report.
A synonym for ‘component’.
A variable declared in a class body that holds either part of an object's state (an instance field) or part of a class's state (a class field).
Synonym for instance variable, although sometimes used for class variable.
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Field Coil Field Coil
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the largest division of the grid pattern on a tell; they are identified by capital letters or Roman numerals
the trap field ; refers to the entire layout of the trap and shooting positions.
in this document, a scientific discipline that is considered for cross-fertilization on the concept of ``agent''.
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The player's hand of 5 cards.
All of the players in a tournament.
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A way of explaining action at a distance.
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See Field theory
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To go into or to be in 'the field' refers to doing a field survey or field-checking a map.
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The center portion of the carpet.
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All the participants in an event.
A specific Playing surface where a Match may be scheduled
an individual category or item of interest in a file.
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The "job site" or "building site".
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To take the field.
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Another name for the sales force
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any region with some measurable value at every given point
2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.