Definitions for "Tufting"
In upholstery, this is the form of drawing together of two surfaces at regular points with stitches. Buttons are frequently added as a fining over the formed depressions. (show picture)
means that a cover is sewn from the top all the way to the bottom of the mattress. Tufting keeps layers of foam from shifting inside a futon mattress. Futons are usually tufted; traditional mattresses are quilted.
A process where twine, cord or threads are drawn tightly through a mattress to hold padding into place.
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A form of hooking, yarns are pushed through the foundation of a rug with an electric tufting gun to form a pattern.
A method of carpet manufacture in which surface yarns are sewn or "punched" through a primary backing material. The needles of the tufting machine form loops which are hooked by loopers on the underside of the backing material and which remain loops in level or textured loop carpet. Alternatively, the loops are tufted and cut with knives to create cut pile carpet. The tufted fabric is then coated with an adhesive to adhere a secondary back to provide durability and stability.
A method of implanting a soft, spun yarn into a backing cloth to produce a pile fabric. Used in the manufacture of carpets and candlewick cloths.