Definitions for "Ottoman"
Of or pertaining to the Turks; as, the Ottoman power or empire.
A Turk.
A stuffed seat without a back, originally used in Turkey.
Keywords:  rib, faille, upholstery, weft, warp
A tightly woven, ribbed fabric with a slightly lustrous surface, used in coats, dresses, suits, drapery and upholstery.
a heavy silk or rayon fabric with broad, round weft threads that produce a horizontal rib. Used for coats and trimmings.
A heavy, ribbed weave that can be made from natural or synthetic fibers
a modern approach to conventional coffee tables
a small round table and high quality of the bigger volumes required for manuscript documents
a landform consisting of a diagram to written instructions
Keywords:  compartment, beds, small, over
a small compartment over or under the beds after use
Keywords:  fashioned, rough, old, kind, look
a kind of rough wood to give it an old-fashioned look
a great solution, especially because the markings are so beautiful in this form
Keywords:  start, good, project
a good project to start with