Definitions for "Chaise"
Keywords:  calash, carriage, shay, wheel, dearborn
A two-wheeled carriage for two persons, with a calash top, and the body hung on leather straps, or thorough-braces. It is usually drawn by one horse.
a carriage in general.
A two to four wheel vehicle that carried a maximum of two and had a top.
A style of furniture with an extending footrest. In a Chaise style, the gap between the chair and footrest is covered by a pad.
a arm chair for reclining or stretching out.
A long chair especially designed for relaxing and semi-reclining, normally upholstered. Adapted from the French 17th-century style, it was often made in two parts: a deep berg? And large stool that when put together, formed a daytime sofa, also called a Recamier.