Definitions for "Freewheel"
Keywords:  pedal, clutch, cog, ratchet, rear
A clutch fitted in the rear hub of a cycle, which engages the rear sprocket with the rear wheel when the pedals are rotated forwards, but permits the rear wheel to run on free from the rear sprocket when the pedals are stopped or rotated backwards. Freewheelcycles are usually fitted with hub brakes or rim brakes, operated by back pedaling.
Of a freewheel cycle, to run on while the pedals are held still.
Of a person, to ride a cycle of this manner; to coast in a vehicle having a freewheel. To ride a freewheel cycle.
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a lot cheaper to replace than a new freehub body when you blow the pawls out
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Freewheel is a limited edition 10" vinyl disc released by Northern Ireland based artist Duke Special.