Definitions for "Vinyl"
The hypothetical radical C2H3, regarded as the characteristic residue of ethylene and that related series of unsaturated hydrocarbons with which the allyl compounds are homologous.
Synthetic plastic products which can be made in film, sheet or other forms. Vinyls can be manufactured in rigid or flexible constructions. Generally more flexible and formable than polyesters. Also known as PVC or polyvinyl chloride. A tough durable plastic film having excellent resistance to oils, chemicals and many solvents. It has excellent abrasion-resistance, and can also be colored. Its high stretch is due to the addition of plasticizer.
Soft plastic material used for making dolls after 1950s.
Also see " vinyl window". Actually it's full name is vinyl coated fabric. It is made up of several layers of fabric, rubber and vinyl. The last layer is treated for resistance to abrasion, weather and UV. This layer is also colored and imprinted with a "grain". Grain is the pattern pressed into the vinyl. That is why you see the same specs for Pinpoint vinyl, Cabriolet vinyl, Sailcloth vinyl, Euro topping or Colonial grain. They are the same material with a different pattern embossed on the final layer. The different grains can be seen at these links.
Vinyl is cost effective and highly versatile. Vinyl is strong, durable, abrasion and moisture resistant; withstands rust and corrosion; is electrically non-conductive and has excellent fire performance properties. Vinyl can be produced in almost any color, with products ranging from opaque to crystal-clear.
A versatile thermoplastic available in rigid as well as limp form.
An mp3 organizer that interfaces with XMMS. The core goal is to make a digital music library as enjoyable and accessible as a traditional album, not just an enormous play list of isolated sound-bytes
Vinyl is the fourth album by an alternative rock group Dramarama, released in 1991.
Second The Gift album.
A clear, synthetic resin used in some water-based paints, particularly interior flats, and some caulks.
Vinyl is a polymer of a vinyl compound or a product (as a resin or a textile fiber) made from such a polymer that is commonly used in mass productions of dolls.
Informal generic term for any of the vinyl resins or for film or other product made from them.
Vinyl is a short black-and-white experimental film directed by Andy Warhol. It is an early adaptation of the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, starring Gerard Malanga and Edie Sedgwick and featuring the song "Nowhere to Run" by Martha and the Vandellas.
Vinyl is a 2000 shot-on-video documentary by Toronto filmmaker/record collector Alan Zweig. In the film, Zweig seeks not to talk to people who collect vinyl records to discuss music, but rather to discuss what drives someone to collect records in the first place. Zweig spends a large portion of the film in stylized self-filmed "confessions", where he espouses on his life in regards to record collecting, feeling it has prevented him from fufilling his dreams of a family.
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Vinyl is a band that "blends old-school funk, Latin percussion, reggae and R&B into signature instrumental grooves." from: They are from the San Francisco Bay area. They are commonly placed in the jam bands genre.
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See PVCu
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a corking tune, with nice techy beats and cool scratching type noises
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Viscosity Viscosity
A single-sheet substrate on which an advertising message is rendered by either computer production or hand painting. Vinyl is primarily used on the face of bulletins & Premiere products.
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a delicate treasure that will only last for a certain amount of time
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See "Rubber wear".