Definitions for "Silicone"
Any of a large group of siloxane polymers used as caulking, adhesives, lubricants, protective coatings and many other uses.
is recommended for high temperature, acidic, caustic and dielectric applications. Silicone offers outstanding resistance to high and low temperatures, chemical deterioration, oils and ozone breakdown. (-120°F to 500°F)
A unique polymer system which can be a very effective release coating, or pressure sensitive adhesive capable of functioning effectively at extreme temperatures.
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A compound of silicon used in shine-enhancing hair products to seal the cuticle of hair and in many oil-free cosmetics.
a group of compounds of silicon and oxygen; commonly used as implants in cosmetic surgery because they resist body fluids and are not rejected by the body
Substance used to make body implants (for example, artificial breasts). Also used to make some medical equipment (for example, urinary catheters). Used because it is very unlikely to cause an allergic reaction.
a hair-coating ingredient in conditioners , ending in -cone, -conol, or -siloxane
Ingredient in polish which is the greatest enemy of the spray painter. It prevents good adhesion when spraying.
Type of flexible and comfortable plastic. Because it is commonly used in nose pads in eyeglasses, people who are allergic to silicone should ask their eye doctor for a different type of nose pad.
A resin used in the binders of coatings. Also used as an additive to provide specific properties, e.g., defoamer. Paints containing silicone are very slick and resist dirt, graffiti and bacterial growth, and are stable in high heat.
See Resin.
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A substance used for slot car tires of the 60's. When the motors became so fast, the silicone began to explode on the rims, different substances had to be used that would hold up under the high rpm's. Silicone tires are still used in the HO scale slot cars.
a non-metallic chemical component to keep the skin healthy and refreshed; helpful in diminishing the appearance of hypertrophic scars.
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Increases wet and dry combability.
A mineral based substance, allowing moisture to stay locked in the skin but at the same time allowing oxygen in and out of the follicles. Also used for it's smooth, nongreasy feel.
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An organic material, derived from sand, which is generally well-tolerated by the body and has the capacity to be formed into various shapes.
a premium-grade material used in dildos and other types of sex toys, silicone is non-porous (so it's easy to clean), warms quickly, and transmits vibration well.
An expensive, quality material used to make high-end toys.
From silica, a naturally occurring mineral, with a softening effect on the skin.