Definitions for "FEP"
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene, A synthetic type of insulation.
Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene. A homopolymer of ethylene and propylene. This high temperature resin is well suited for wire insulations and jackets for plenum applications. It can withstand an unusual amount of physical abuse during and after installation, has very good electrical characteristics, good thermal and low temperature properties and chemical inertness.
(abbreviation) Fluorinated ethylene propylene.
Fully English Proficient
Full English Proficiency.
Final Evaluation Period. ISIC conducted event. Culmination of basic training phase. See para 2302. Also used to describe training team proficiency as in "at FEP level."
See Front-End Processor.
The front-end paste-down..
Frontend Processor, digital signal processor, part of the DPA which does initial processing on raw CCD pixel data.
Fair Employment Practices, Financial Employment Planner
Financial and Employment Planner, the chief caseworker for W-2 participants.
A dedicated communications system that intercepts and handles activity for the host. It may perform line control, message handling, code conversion, error control, and such application functions as control and operation of special-purpose terminals. See communication controller.
A communications device in the IBM/SNA environment responsible for communication between the mainframe and cluster controllers.
A computer that sits between groups of cluster controllers and the main-frame, concentrating signals before they are transmitted to the main-frame. ... more
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Fairbanks-Eielson Pipeline
Farm Environment Plan. Records features identified on your land together with a statement on their condition. Suitable HLS management options may also be suggested. Must accompany an application for HLS.
abbreviation for the Federation of European Publishers, the representative body for publishers in Europe, based in Brussels.
Full Export Pack. Full Export packing of both furniture and effects.
Federal Employee Program. Medical program designed for federal employees and their families.