Definitions for "IBM"
7] Itty Bitty Machines :-)
International Buisness Machines
A computer manufacturer that has developed a computer-specific API to provide mapping between some of its proprietary operating systems and ASAI. (See also CallPath Services Architecture.)
Cluster 1600 An IBM Cluster 1600 is any PSSP or CSM-managed cluster comprised of POWER microprocessor based systems (including RS/6000 SMPs, RS/6000 SP nodes, and pSeries SMPs).
BPWS4J is downloadable from the IBM alphaWorks Web site . Just like other alphaWorks software, BPWS4J has the status of emerging technology.
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DB2 AIX, NT, OS/2, Win95$1400.00 USD ?$350.00 USD
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Acronym for "I Blame Microsoft".
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bioinformatics group home tools
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Ideal Black Man
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Term used in IBM environments, coined by IBM
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Image File