Definitions for "Web "
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The thin, sharp part of a colter.
A plate or thin portion, continuous or perforated, connecting stiffening ribs or flanges, or other parts of an object.
The thin vertical plate or portion connecting the upper and lower flanges of an lower flanges of an iron girder, rolled beam, or railroad rail.
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That which is woven; a texture; textile fabric; esp., something woven in a loom.
A whole piece of linen cloth as woven.
A thin metal sheet, plate, or strip, as of lead.
The Internet; the worldwide network of phone lines which connotes computers and servers.
Web is commonly used as the acronym for the HTML browsing portion of the Internet. When people say they are surfing the web, they are actually viewing web sites and web pages. Back to up
The entire collection of files written in HTML and similar mark-up languages available on the Internet. Clients on the Internet use their browsers to request these files from Web servers and then display them as Web pages. The Web is only a portion of the Internet; other parts include e-mail communication and FTP.
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The texture of very fine thread spun by a spider for catching insects at its prey; a cobweb.
The arm of a crank between the shaft and the wrist.
The membrane which unites the fingers or toes, either at their bases, as in man, or for a greater part of their length, as in many water birds and amphibians.
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A disk or solid construction serving, instead of spokes, for connecting the rim and hub, in some kinds of car wheels, sheaves, etc.
The space(s) left between the spoke mortices in a wheel.
(n) A thin, flat feature of an object that acts as a structural support. Ribs, webs, spokes, lugs, and other thin features are not section lined if a cutting plane passes through their long dimension.
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To unite or surround with a web, or as if with a web; to envelop; to entangle.
an intricate trap that entangles or ensnares its victim
A web is an omen that someone is trying to trap you. However, it can mean that someone will defend you.
1. The solid portion of a brass centerfire cartridge case between the inside of the case at the head and the bottom of the primer pocket. 2. The smallest dimension of a smokeless powder kernel.
That part of a cartridge case between the bottom of the primer pocket and the interior of the case. The web is pierced by the flash hole.
Crawlers, Spiders, Worms Each of these terms are used to describe software that automatically downloads and catalogs Internet documents. By reading each document it discovers, the software builds a list of additional pages to visit. This is a popular method for creating a database suitable for a Searchable Index.
crawler a system which trawls the WWW, generating all-encompassing Web indexes.
The Web Team designs and maintains the FLC web site Members:!-- mailtag("allen","","Allen Simon"); -- (chief webhamster), Jill Knuth, Alice Robinson, Julie Valentine
The Web is a team of superpowered agents published under DC Comics Impact Comics line. The team is based on Archie Comics old superhero, the Web.
The width of the stock from which a horseshoe is made.
The width of any material going through a machine.
measured width of the branch of a horseshoe.
celluloid pattern with a freeform network of colored lines like a draped net (also called "candy stripe"), or the longitudinal brickwork-like pattern of the c. 1937 "Golden Web" Vacumatic
This project aims to analyze social networks like wikipedia or flickr, using Tulip Software.
The collection of all the interconnected networks that contain texts, graphics, images, audio, and video data. Though commonly viewed as all http protocol networks, the web also includes the ftp, gopher, and WAIS networks as well.
A network which includes interconectivity from many local points within each document.
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verb, "intrappolare con la ragnatela"
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A weaver.
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The blade of a sword.
The blade of a saw.
On a tobacco plant, the extended part of the leaf that is divided from the base to the tip by the stem; its framework is provided by the veins that extend from the stem. This term is used to refer only to the leaf blade—it does not include any portion of the stem. In contrast, the term whole leaf is used to refer to both the blade and stem of a leaf. Also known as the lamina or blade.
A home page and its associated pages, graphics, documents, multimedia, and other files stored on a Web server or on a computer hard drive. Same as web site. xaxaa View
A home page and its associated pages, graphics, documents, multimedia, and other files created in FrontPage and stored on a Web server or on a computer's hard drive. A web also contains files that support FrontPage-specific functionality and allow a web to be opened, copied, edited, and administered in FrontPage.
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If you are searching for the Bible translation, see World English Bible.
Web is a science fiction novel written by the English science fiction author John Wyndham. The novel was published by the estate of John Wyndham in 1979, ten years after his death.
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Windows 95 Windows NT WRAM
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Pterygium; -- called also webeye.
a way that you can narrow down a topic for research
a set of related topics and documents
A graphic representation of the ideas associated with a topic.
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logs Web logs or blogs as they are commonly known as, are usually an online diary for people to 'express' themselves, see also rants
Fig.: Tissue; texture; complicated fabrication.
a very detailed and complicated arrangement of things ....... back
Any transverse lateral stiffener.
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The part of a blackmith's anvil between the face and the foot.
A shortened word for WWW.
See WWW.
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Do not get involved in intrigue after dreaming of a web.
conferencing: Also known as data conferencing, it describes conferencing that allows participants to share data, diagrams, and even video and audio (then called “ rich media”). The data shared comes either from a PC a person brings into the meeting, or is pre-stored and available on the Web, hence the name Web conferencing.
Realm apart from the Net; full of dangerous life-forms and thick data. Reminiscent of Space. RB: 2
a group of files that are interconnected by hyperlinks that allow you to jump from one page to another, usually by simply clicking your mouse
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Create an Alert
The wall of a grain or propellant with an internal cavity.
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See bridge.
a network of fibres or cables connecting different points
Refers to the connectivity or resources available to computer users.
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A band of webbing used to regulate the extension of the hood.
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a pairs movement.
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The bit of a key.
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World wide web.
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