Definitions for "Sheeting"
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Cotton or linen cloth suitable for bed sheets. It is sometimes made of double width.
a plain weave fabric with even or close to even thread counts in warp and weft . Often of cotton. Carded yarn versions are used for inexpensive apparel, furniture covers and as a base for laminates. Finer yarns and higher counts may be used for bed sheets.
a lightweight plain weave fabric
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The outer skin of a wing structure. Can be wood (balsa, plywood, obechi), paper or a composite such as kevlar or fiberglass. A sheeted wing may have no structure other than a core and the outer skin. Report this Word See also: Core (wing) Added by: fritzke
For foam core wings, it's necessary to provide a protective sheet of wood for it. The wood is usually balsa or obeechi, and very thin (1/32"). The sheet is epoxied onto the wing and pressed (using the packaging foam core the wings come with) overnight.
A lining of planks or boards (rarely of metal) for protecting an embankment.
(Planking) - Sheeting is the collection of thin cedar boards that stretch fore and aft in the canoe, and provide the frame over which the skin is stretched. Ideally, they are of straight-grained red cedar** (we'll never see any of that at Keewaydin), and decently strong.
Layer of soil partly or wholly covering food source (e.g. Macrotermes spp., Odontotermes spp. and Allodontermes rhodesiensis) away from nest or mound, also protecting the foraging termites from predators and the elements ( loc. cit.).
a process whereby rolls of pressure sensitive facestock are converted into sheets of finished labels by cutting them to the desired length in the sheeting stations.
The process of cutting a roll or web of paper into sheets.
This is basically one layer of poly film on a roll.
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A set of joints formed essentially parallel to the surface. It allows layers of rock to fall off as the weight of overlying rock is removed by erosion. It is especially well developed in granitic rock.
stage at which sugary jams, candies and other preserves will jell; 220 to 222 degrees on a candy or jelly thermometer. Syrup falling from a spoon dipped into the boiling kettle will sheet at this stage, rather than run off the spoon in a stream or fall off in rapidly forming individual drops. This is the signal to remove the kettle from the heat.
Sheets are distinguished from films in the plastics and packaging industry only according to the thickness. A web under 10 mils (.010 inch) thick is usually called a film, whereas a web 10 mils and over in thickness is usually called a sheet. Sheeting is most commonly made by extrusion, casting, and calendering.
Profiled metal panels.
wood or metal restraints used to suppori the trench walls.
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pulling in the sails
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the members of a shoring system that retain the earth in position and in turn are supported by other members of the shoring system.
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material used to cover or lane a surface.
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The act or process of forming into sheets, or flat pieces; also, material made into sheets.