Definitions for "EMBOSSED FINISH"
A design or pattern pressed into paper during the manufacturing process is an embossed finish. After drying, paper passes between engraved metal rolls to create raised, textured finishes such as a linen finish.
A surface of paper, which has been raised or depressed, in imitation of the surface of leather, cloth, of wood, or in a different pattern. See also CALF FINISH MOROCCO VELLUM
A finish imparted to a web of paper through an embossing machine. The embower operates on the same principle as a supercalender except that it has an upper steel roll with a pattern engraved on it and is designed to be steam heated. The surface of this roll may be chromium plated for resistance to corrosion and wear. The bottom roll, whose diameter is customarily twice that of the upper roll, consists of a soft material like cotton or paper. It serves as a backing roll for the paper web which receives that pattern off the engraved roll. Before paper is embossed, the hard engraved roll is rotated for some time against the soft backing roll under pressure, thereby creating a mat surface in the latter roll. After the paper passes through the embosser it receives a finish on both sides. Many engraved designs are used to obtain a variety of finishes.
Texture applied chipboard after the manufacturing of the sheet. Textures can be made resemble leather, cloth, wood, etc.