Definitions for "Pebble"
A small roundish piece of stone; especially, a stone worn and rounded by the action of water; a pebblestone.
Transparent and colorless rock crystal; as, Brazilian pebble; -- so called by opticians.
To grain (leather) so as to produce a surface covered with small rounded prominences.
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"ciottolo, sasso, granello"
Pebble is a lightweight, open source, Java EE blogging tool. It's small, fast and feature-rich with unrivalled ease of installation and use. Blog content is stored as XML files on disk and served up dynamically, so there's no need to install a database
PEBBLE is the "Public Body Liaison Committee for British Paganism", set up by a number of pagan organisations following a report by the Home Office's Faith Communities Unit, in which guidelines were set out for all government departments to include minority faith groups in consultations regarding laws and guidance that affects them.
A term often used for the characteristic appearance of a crepe fabric.
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a pebbly geometric pattern, most common 1915 to 1930
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particles ranging in size from 2 to 64 mm