Definitions for "granule "
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a unit of contiguous virtual memory allocation
Granules are regions of the Sun where hot solar material comes to the solar surface. Granules are about 600 miles (1,000 km) across and only exist for about 5 to 10 minutes before they fade away. It is almost as though the surface of the Sun is bubbling like a pot of boiling water.
on the solar photosphere about two and one half million granules exist at any moment. The average granule is 1000 kilometres across; it survives from five to ten minutes. Granules are about 100 K hotter than their surroundings. They show a turbulent motion of about 2 kilometres per second, like a bubble in a porridge pot (Abell, p. 526).
A variable region of rising or sinking mass on the solar photosphere, thus giving the Sun a mottled appearance.
A little grain; a small particle; a pellet.
A pesticide formulation (incorporating inert material) in the form of discrete dry particles of uniform size for application as dry dressing without further preparation or dilution.
A solid formulation of particle size larger than that of dusts in which the active ingredient is either homogeneously mixed with the diluent or coated on an inert core.
The smallest aggregation of data that is independently managed (described, inventoried, and retrieved) within the Data Pool.
A small crushed mineral, naturally or synthetically colored that is applied to the exposed surface of roofing products.
This opaque, natural or synthetically colored aggregate is used for foam roofing systems as a final protective coating.
(I,II) A small rounded projection on the surface of the valve. In Chaetoceros this is most applicable to resting spores.
a very small or minute elevation.
a small raised surface feature somewhat like a large grain of sand
In cell biology, a granule can be any structure barely visible by light microscopy. The term is most often used to describe a secretory vesicle.
Photoreceptors Polypeptide Vascular
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An information granule is a term used by some fuzzy logic experts to describe a fuzzy set of objects which can be seen as a unit in fuzzy logic calculations.
The fundamental grouping of members of a domain (system) into an object manipulated as a unit.
a documentation unit matching a software documentation file
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a data element that is based on a regular data rate specific to the content type, such as the frame rate for video or the sampling rate for audio