Definitions for "Sol"
A fluid mixture of a colloid and a liquid; a liquid colloidal solution or suspension.
Sols are dispersions of small solid particles in a liquid. The particles may be macromolecules or may be clusters of small molecules. Lyophobic sols are those in which there is no affinity between the dispersed phase and the liquid (e.g. silver chloride dispersed in water). Lyophobic sols are inherently unstable, in time the particles aggregate, and form a precipitate. Lyiophilic sols, on the other hand, are more like true solutions in which the solute molecules are large and have an affinity for the solvent (e.g. starch in water). Association colloids are systems in which the dispersed phase consists of clusters of molecules that have lyophobic and lyophilic parts (e.g. soap in water).
a general term for colloidal dispersions, as distinguished from true solutions.
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A Martian day, 24 hours and 37 minutes.
a unit of time on Mars, equal to the average length of the Martian day as it would appear to an observer on the red planet. The sol equals 24 hours 39 minutes 35 seconds, which is 88 775 seconds or about 1.0275 Earth days.
One Martian Day (24.6 earth hours)
Spaced ut ibary. Former name of the Merril Collection, a branch of the Toronto Public Library devoted entirely to science fiction. It publishes a newsletter, Sol Rising, and sponsors public readings and other events. Head librarian is Lorna Toolis.
Sol was the name or personification of the Sun (in Latin), and can also refer to sunlight, sunbeam, or east (the direction where the Sun rises). The Latin name is widely known, but not common in general English language usage, although the related adjective solar is more common. 'Sol' is more frequently used in science fiction writing, as a formal name for the specific star, since in many stories the local sun is a different star and thus the generic term "the sun" would be ambiguous.
Sol is a fictional character written for and performed on stage by Marc Favreau.
Gold; -- so called from its brilliancy, color, and value.
A sou.
A silver and gold coin of Peru. The silver sol is the unit of value, and is worth about 68 cents.
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Shit out of luck.
Smilling Out Loud Sh*t out Of Luck
1. Smiling out loud 2. Sh*t out of luck
A syllable applied in solmization to the note G, or to the fifth tone of any diatonic scale.
the syllable naming the fifth (dominant) note of any musical scale in solmization
The solfeggio syllable that corresponds to the the dominant.
Sol was a Canadian indie rock band in the 1990s. From Moncton, New Brunswick, the band consisted of singer and bassist Stacy Ricker, guitarist Robin Anne Ettles and drummer Chris Mersereau.
Sol ist the debut album of soundartist Avagliano, which took 15 months to get finishished. This album is a tribute to our solarsystem. Sol was immediately distributed by majorlabel EMI Music Publishing.
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Scions Of Lucas
Stricken off leave. Stricken from docket with leave to reinstate or dismiss; Non conviction (legal term used in Illinois)
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(SIM Toolkit On-Line @pplication) [email protected] applies SIM Toolkit, OTA and SMS technology to deliver mobile Internet services over existing GSM infrastructures.
Sol is a multiplayer cross-platform 2D top-view spaceship trading/fighting/exploring game similar to Escape Velocity.
Sol is a cross-platform project management tool. It organizes sources and configuration settings as compiler independent projects and generates native projects . A GUI is provided to visually manage projects.
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Lite beer Méxican style
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Sooner or later
Statement of Line Card, which shows colorways for a line of fabric, trim colors, laminates, etc. Also known as ‘swatch cards'.
Solicitation--A document that describes the specifications of what the government requires. A solicitation is usually an IFB or a RFP.
The monetary unit in Ironrealm, now used heavily via electronic methods, such as credit, but originally copper coins about the size of quarters with the image of a rising (or setting, depending on one's point of view) engraved into the surface.
Driving with a Suspended Operators License
When organizing and managing a private or public event for an association or organized group, you must have obtained an SOL for consumption of beverage alcohol at the event, and have completed the licensee certification under the Liquor Control and Licensing Act.
Statute of Limitation: statutorily set maximum time periods during which lawsuits can be brought to enforce rights. After the time period set out in the applicable statute of limitations has run (expired), no legal action can be brought.
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sticker on label
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California State Prison, Solano
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Standards of Learning (Virginia)
Skilled Occupations List. If you are intending to apply under ANY one of the skilled categories, you must have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL at the time you apply. In order to be successful in your application, your qualifications (and work experience, in some cases) must be assessed by the Australian assessing authority responsible for your SOL nominated occupation.
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Solihull Hospital
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The tone itself.
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Ship Owner's Liability.
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School of Law
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Office of the Solicitor
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short for "solution." A solword is one of the words in a solution.