Definitions for "OWNER"
: Spare me -- there were Brown's house, on the contrary, and Jones's house, and Robinson's house, which --
One who owns; a rightful proprietor; one who has the legal or rightful title, whether he is the possessor or not.
One having a legal and possessory interest in property seized for forfeiture. (See "Straw Owner.")
Refers to the person in charge of each individual fantasy football franchise.
The decision-maker for a fantasy football team -- the owners (or managers) are the people who draft the teams, pay the entry fees, and decide who to play each week.
Refers to the person in charge of each individual fantasy team. A group of owners make up the league.
The person who owns a life insurance policy or fixed annuity.
In life and health insurance, the person designated as the owner of the policy, with all rights contained in the policy. The owner is so designated on the policy application and may or may not be the insured. Also referred to as the policyowner or policyholder.
(or Policyowner). The individual(s) or entity that controls the policy benefits and is responsible for premium payments and policy maintenance. Return to
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A public body of authority, corporation as partnership, or individual for whom the work in to be performed.
Trademark owners are either corporate bodies or individual persons.
A person who has the authority to create a work or meeting area and modify all settings in the area.
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The owner of a file is usually the creator of that file. Ownership of a file can be changed by the superuser or the current owner.
A user or group assigned to a file or other resource. The owner of a resource can control access to it.
The Perforce user who created a particular client, branch, or label. This can be changed through the form brought up by p4 client, p4 branch, or p4 label.
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: With pleasure. Please make the annual premium so low that by the time when, according to the tables of your actuary, it will probably be destroyed by fire I will have paid you considerably less than the face of the policy.
: How, then, can _I_ afford _that_?
: Beg your pardon -- by your own actuary's tables I shall probably have saved, when it burns, all the premiums I would otherwise have paid to you -- amounting to more than the face of the policy they would have bought. But suppose it to burn, uninsured, before the time upon which your figures are based. If I could not afford that, how could you if it were insured?
: The willingness of A to take care of B's money is not peculiar to insurance, but as a charitable institution you command esteem. Deign to accept its expression from a Deserving Object.
The owner of a table.
The design of the Pandora Engine ensures that every object created in the system is owned or 'contained' by another object. This means that the entire system structure is built into a massive hierarchy, where each object can be a child of a container, as well as being a container of other objects. An object may not have multiple owners, but may own multiple objects.
Tickets usually have one owner. An owner is responsible for seeing that the requestor of a ticket receives enough assistance to resolve their issue (ticket).
The provider who has assumed responsibility for a trouble ticket.
The owner of a facility. The owner, operator, or agent in charge of a facility is responsible for registering the facility.
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: Heaven forbid!
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The Arizona Board of Regents.
The name of the person who is assigned ultimate responsibility for an issue, such as an area manager.
ResultsManager maintains a master list of Owners that can be assigned responsibility for Activities in a map. This list may contain individuals or named groups, and can be interpreted in two different ways - see Assigning Owners.
The user who creates an item is automatically assigned ownership of that item, but can assign this role to someone else. Owners are allowed full editing privileges for an item, and are allowed to create and manage the phases and sign-offs for a given product, requirement or issue. Only the owner of a phase can mark that phase as complete.
In Protection & Indemnity Club membership terms, when related to an “entered ship” , it includes ship owner, owners in partnership, owners holding separate shares in severalty, part owner, mortgagee, trustee, charterer operator, manager or builder of such ship by or on whose behalf the same has been entered in the Association for insurance whether he be a member of the Association or not.
Owners can be created as distinguishing factors for address blocks, subnets, and zones. In the context or DNS RRs, an owner is the name of the RR.
: Let us understand each other. You want me to pay you money on the supposition that something will occur previously to the time set by yourself for its occurrence. In other words, you expect me to bet that my house will not last so long as you say that it will probably last.
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meta tag locally defined at Boston College to be the name of the school, department, office, or other type of organization that owns a Web page. WebIT adds the owner information to the head section of a page automatically from information entered into the control form.
The full name of the primary owner of the property parcel.(e.g. John P. Doe).
The account holder, the name that a forex account is held under.
(field name) disposition of ownership
One who maintains and controls ownership rights to a property
The party or parties who control rights to an authored work or an invention, whether patented or not.
Whoever can claim property rights on an organization
an individual who is responsible for a distribution list
Owner manages the building.
See List owner.
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: And virtually, then, don't I help to pay their losses? Are not their houses as likely as mine to burn before they have paid you as much as you must pay them? The case stands this way: you expect to take more money from your clients than you pay to them, do you not?
See Mining Act R.S.O. 1990 section 1.
a natural person who physically performs electrical work on premises the person owns and actually occupies as a residence or owns and will occupy as a residence upon completion of construction
A household that owns the housing unit it occupies. (U.S. Census definition).
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a pony's permanent partner
: I would not trust you with my money. Very well then. If it is _certain_, with reference to the whole body of your clients, that they lose money on you it is _probable_, with reference to any one of them, that _he_ will. It is these individual probabilities that make the aggregate certainty.
the State of Iowa, which holds the funds in trust for the exclusive benefit of you, the participant
a definite no-no), collectibles (such as antiques, rugs, stamps and furniture) and capital stock in an "S" corporation
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a retired teacher
The record owner of a separate interest. A "member" of the association by virtue of ownership in a separate interest.
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see Policyholder
means the owner or owners as stated on the registration certificate of the dog
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A participant role in a project site. More... | | | | | | | J | K | L | | | | | | | | | | X | Y | Z
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a contact of the address book
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an associated window
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Project Owner.
Financing A purchase in which the seller provides all or part of the financing.
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a form on top of which the current form is to appear