Definitions for "AssoCIateD"
A sub-modality of NLP; a picture or visual image where you see the world out of your own eyes. Contrast with the disassociated state where you visually observe your body from outside the view of your eyes.
Being in an experience or memory as fully and completely as possible (with all the senses); looking out from one's own eyes, hearing from one's own ears, feeling one's own feelings. See also First Position.
Being inside an experience, seeing it through your own eyes and experiencing it fully.
Joined as a companion; brought into association; accompanying; combined.
related to or accompanying; "Christmas and associated festivities"
joined in some kind of relationship (as a colleague or ally or companion etc.); "a cabal of associated lawyers"
A non-root bridge is configured properly to allow it to wirelessly communicate with a root bridge.
A station is configured properly to allow it to wirelessly communicate with an access point.
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AssoCIateD is a simple PHP CMS which was initially thought for an association but grew because of several demands. You may try it on the demo site :
Free natural gas in immediate contact, but not in solution, with crude oil in the reservoir. Also called "gas cap gas."
material Documents in a folder pertaining to the document described in that folder's corresponding Blue Book entry. For example, letters, receipts, clippings, etc.
Term used in antiques in which one part of an item is of the same design, but not originally made for it. See marriage