Definitions for "Folder"
One who, or that which, folds; esp., a flat, knifelike instrument used for folding paper.
interface: A place to hold documents, applications, aliases and other folders on a Mac disk. Folders have icons on the desktop and hold virtually unlimited number of files. You move items into a folder by dragging the item's icon onto the folder. The easiest way to open a folder is by double-clicking on its icon. To put a file back into its folder, select it and choose Put Away from the File menu.
A sub-directory in DOS and Windows terms.
a metaphor, and it's the wrong metaphor for compound content
a metaphor for a conceptual storage area on a hard disk or a floppy disk
a section of the computer's storage space that has been set aside and labeled
a special type of recipient and, like other recipients (for example, mail boxes), can receive mail
a unit of storage or a subdirectory of mail that you can create using the mail utility
Another name for a subdirectory.
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a akyak that uses a collapsible frame, ofwood, aluminum or plastic, or a combination thereof, and a skin, of some sort of water-resistant and tough fabric
a specific category of threads, like "Anwar," "Other Subjects" that sort of thing
The end result of the marginalisation of the bicycle: one designed to stay out of everybody's way. A bike that's capable of doing its own aero tuck. Also the name of a magazine for aficionados.
a an example of a collection
a collection of documents
a collection of intel related to ONE particular piece of intel
Folding propeller. When the motor is not running the prop blades fold alongside the fuselage for lower drag (and you don't break so many blades on landing). Typically used with powered gliders.
Entity: subtype of PRESERVATION UNIT A cover in which non-electronic records, belonging in the same dossier, are loosely kept, usually in chronological order. A dossier may be distributed across a number of folders.
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an icon in a GUI environment
an icon into which a user can drop other icons, such as the user's work, for organizational purposes. When the user double clicks a folder, it opens into a window.
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a subject heading within a hotlist
Keywords:  collator, sheet, paper, half, stiff
a small book usually having a paper cover
a sheet of heavy paper stock or other thin but stiff material, folded approximately in half, that is used to group together or protect one or more loose pages that are placed within
a sheet of paper that is folded in half
Keywords:  chipboard, panel, hinged, four, range
An insert that consists of a single piece of paper that is folded to create different panels or pages. Insert sizes range from 4 panel (one fold) up to 10 panel (four folds).
Made from group of two or more chipboard panels hinged together.
part of a submenu. Each folder within a submenu deals with some attribute of the part of the spreadsheet currently being worked on.
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a nice touch
a machine that is used for folding
Machine used to fold signatures down into sections.
A bindery machine dedicated to folding printed materials.
A convenient grouping of information (ref: Windows Explorer).
a group of threads all relating to the same general area, ( e
covering that is folded over to protect the contents
a placeholder for content
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stationery item with at least one fold.
Keywords:  matchcover, older, match, term, see
An older term for a matchcover. (See Match Folder).
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Part of a path name on a Mac.
a label for a path to a particular bit of information
Keywords:  stack, views
a stack of views
Keywords:  basket, sub, dividend, mutual, equity
a basket sub-dividend into two parts--Equity and Mutual funds
Invitation folders are folded once, either to create a top or side fold. Your wording is printed on the front.
Keywords:  postal, document, kind, link, system
a kind of document
Link between a Document and the Postal System.
Keywords:  flat, roll, letter, sheets, machine
A machine that folds flat sheets into various folded forms such as letter fold, roll fold etc.
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a user representation of the name space