Definitions for "Home directory"
The UNIX directory you are automatically placed in when you login into your account. You can return to this directory at any time by entering the command, cd. For users of the CS Server Linux flavor of UNIX, the home directories are in the path /home followed by the first letter of the users name. (e.g. /home/smith is the path for the home directory of the user, smith). You may create whatever files and subdirectories you wish within your home directory. Other users may or may not be able to access files in your home directory depending upon how the file and directory permissions are set. You can see the permissions by entering the command, ls -al. You may change permissions using the chmod command.
the directory you are placed in immediately after you login to the system.
Your home directory is the directory that you start out in after you log in.
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a Unix concept that Mac OS X has embraced
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(Home Page) - A website's main index page.
The default page on a Web site when a Domain name is called. Also referred to as Home Page.
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See Home publishing point.