Definitions for "User account"
A set of data about the user stored on the computer that the user accesses. Each user will have their own user account on the server accessed.
(n.) A record of essential user information that is stored on the system. Each user who accesses a system has a user account.
The system administrator defines a user account for every person authorized to use the system. Each user account contains the name the computer uses to identify the person (user name) and the person's password. See also user name, password.
Keywords:  resources, access, disk, network, mail
an authorised area within a computer system, which allows a user to access certain system resources such as disk, printing and network services (e-mail, NEWS etc)
A means of providing a user with access to network resources.
Keywords:  unix, keeps, records, system
The records a UNIX system keeps for each user on the system.
a collection of information that defines a user