Definitions for "Membership"
a deisre to stop drinking maybe its
a desire to become well emotionally
a desire to be healed
a necessary and cost-effective prerequisite for participation in Australia's wholesale financial markets
a prerequisite, and council fees are in addition to OTA dues
a prerequisite for becoming a member of a Regional VRA Chapter
a must for offering those sailors the opportunity to compete for their national championships
an invaluable bridge to PRSA and all of the career opportunities that go with it
an opportunity to network and share ideas with each other
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a cornerstone of a major Tasmanian sporting association, whose home ground is considered to be a prestigious and world-class facility
a significantly lower CME fee for all FMA online courses
A membership is comprised of the Member and all other persons covered (who are classed as dependants.)
an indication of the attorney's interest in immigration law, but AILA does not certify the credentials of any particular attorney
a socially tainting act that can't be whisked away as a harmless youthful affiliation
The Membership Committee is responsible for reviewing and approving or disapproving applications for membership in ISSCR. The committee is also responsible for identifying additional prospective membership groups from affiliated societies and complimentary scientific disciplines. Jonas Frisen, M.D., Ph.D., Chair Karolinska Institute [email protected]
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the body of members of an organization or group; "they polled their membership"; "they found dissension in their own ranks"; "he joined the ranks of the unemployed"
a one-time fee, thanks to those that joined last night
The section of Mustang District administration that connects with community organizations, organizes new units and helps youth join units. Volunteers needed.
a badge of honor among bodybuilders, as members must achieve exceptional physical form without drugs or artificial supplements, placing added importance on a rigid exercise program and a lean, balanced diet
a privelge and Member Rates are for any person/family who is a member of a YMCA that honors the AWAY program as well as members of a Tallahassee YMCA branch
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a member of the AICPA
a tangible expression of our ongoing promise to treat our customers fairly," said Jeffrey S
a tangible way to show support for your alumni association
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Status of being a member of the Girl Scout movement of the U.S. This includes active girl members, active adult members, and sustaining members. (See Blue Book for membership requirements)
Status of being a member of the Girl Scouts of the USA Movement.
The current status of the institution concerned. This can take the values Pending, Active, Suspended, Terminated.
a great gift that will have your recipient thanking you every time they dine out
a great investment for Tennessee Psychologists
a great value March primaries show the impact of involvement
a dedicated area on the website where members can advertise jobs, free of charge
a small price to pay when we consider the heritage aspect of TNBA tradition and consider that our status today is the result of foresight and dedication on the part of our founding fathers
Includes Hospitality, Membership and any other programs dedicated to new and active membership in the church.
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a REQUIREMENT for all members and guest fliers at SPARKS
a requirement for the use of PBFA Forums
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a plus, while passion about videography is a must
A tool to add yourself to publicly joinable sites; it is located in the My Workspace tab.
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to promote and encourage membership in the PTA unit. In the past this committee sent out monthly reminders regarding the PTA meetings, arranged for volunteers to attend the Meet the Teacher Nights to sign up new members (membership is on a yearly basis), collect dues, maintain an up to date list of all the members and deliver all membership cards and directories.
Every Registered Social Landlord must have a membership policy. Members are, in effect, the owners of the landlord body and the management committee and board are elected by and from the membership.
a foundation of a successful practitioner
an international commitment that links a local church to a wider community of practitioners committed to giving their best to God and to each other
a signal that a lender is committed to the highest standards of conduct
a powerful status symbol, that symbolizes your exceptional integrity, ethics and professional conduct
a symbol of the highest possible business ethics
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a creative and unique gift that computer lovers will enjoy year round
a gift that the whole family can use for a whole year
a gift to treasure visit after visit, one that will last all year
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List of correct (sane) meeting participants. In the meeting every participant starts his communication with a list of the other participants who he thinks receive and send meaningful information. By checking the list he receives from the other participants he can make sure if his information was received successfully.
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a program administered by Verago Inc
a good way to keep in touch with your peers, explore new ideas and learn from each other's experiences
a group of diverse individuals representing many domains that interact to exchange ideas, learnings and experiences
a real bargain for anyone needing help or wanting to learn more about these engines and the GM trucks
a genuine mark of quality
a moniker of quality content and services
a more lasting investment
an investment in the scientific study of language
a solid investment in your future and in the future of opticianry
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an asset for tap and jazz instructors
a subscription to KITING, our bi-monthly magazine
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See cluster database membership and CXFS kernel membership.
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a requirement for being a member of the OSEAS-Europe Board, due to the close ties between the organizations
a privilege and available to any family regardless of their race, religion or other such uniqueness or preferences
a privilege, not a right
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a small price to pay for good health
a small price to pay to preserve and promote these principals
a small price to pay to preserve your gun ownership and shooting sport rights
Vowing to accept a denomination's doctrine and live by its regulations.
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a flat rate and is not variable by number of members in IASL
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a passport to knowledge and value in the industry
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a proven value
a wonderful thing for a family to do together, and they have a policy of working with their new members so as to never have to turn someone away for inability to pay
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a time-consuming and thorough process
an easy and relatively inexpensive way of supporting and enhancing your professional development
an international network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop
A professional membership
a ticket to thousands of dollars in potential discounts from a variety of retailers
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a booth presence for small companies that might not otherwise be able to afford exhibit floor space
an effective way for individual companies, both large and small, to express their views
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a classic win/win situation
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a hot button topic here
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a better solution
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a marketing strategy
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The collective body of members, as of a society.
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a good place to find them
a very good insurance policy
a common indicator used to reflect parental involvement at school
Includes any person covered by a subscriber contract or certificate.
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an interest in our region's music
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a requirement for this course
An order which allows the library to become a member of an organization. As a member, we receive any publications (usually continuations) offered by the organization to its members.
Both individual and institutional membership is available.
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a network of
The state of being a member.