Definitions for "Credentials"
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Documents that attest to the truth of stated facts. Examples of credentials include professional registration certificates, diplomas and degrees.
a document attesting to the truth of certain stated facts
A record of student achievement used in employment applications or in substitution for a promotion or raise. Credentials consist of recommendations from faculty and others attesting to the student's ability, and information including college activities, honors and awards. Credentials are maintained by the Career Services Office on the Fayette Campus.
Detailed information, acquired during authentication, that describes the user, any group associations, and other security-related identity attributes. Credentials can be used to perform a multitude of services, such as authorization, auditing, and delegation.
Evidence or testimonials concerning the user's right to access certain systems (e.g. username, password, etc)
A username/password, public key, or some other information used for authentication.
Documented evidence of licensure, education, training, experience, or other qualifications.
In the healthcare industry credentials means the education, licensure, and professional history of a healthcare provider.
This is a fancy way of saying "stuff." Many colleges don't just want an application--they want recommendations, transcripts, essays, etc. To see a list of credentials we require of freshman applicants, click here. Also, you can track your credentials online once we've received your application by logging into the online application.
This method of building trust and rapport is designed to establish your personal, your company's and your product's/service's capability and credibility. Stating credentials to a prospect helps them to estimate how much weight to give your recommended solutions.
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A set of items used to represent the user's security profile attributes for a particular DOI. The SYS$ACM[W] system service returns credentials to the ACM client program as an attachment to a persona in the form of a persona extension.
Either the published information consultancies provide to prospective clients or an initial no-cost presentation of the consultancy's capabilities.
Having Consultative Status or receiving Special Accreditation to attend UN Meetings does not automatically get you into the meeting. You must have proper UN credentials to enter buildings and meetings. Your organization must send a letter to the appropriate person (see page 3) beforehand listing the members who will participate in the meeting. These individuals then go to the designated office with proper identification and a photo identification badge is issued for that particular UN meeting.
Must be signed by the Head of State or Government or the Foreign Minister to permit a delegation to formally participate in a COP.
All items that are required to be submitted with the application for admission to the University.
Something that provides a basis for credit or confidence.