Definitions for "Diploma"
A letter or writing, usually under seal, conferring some privilege, honor, or power; a document bearing record of a degree conferred by a literary society or educational institution.
A semi-professional qualification usually requiring two years of study.
The Diploma is the name given by the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne to the document certifying examination success for the advanced levels.
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Diploma in Hypnotherapy (BSCMEH)
a nice thing to have for a businessman ( business-person ) Putting a degree on your marketing materials and your business card evens the playing field - if just a bit
a stamp of obedience to authority
A certificate conferring a degree. Endorsement stamp A stamp used by campus departments to endorse checks being deposited into the University's depository account. The individually numbered stamps allow Central Cashier to track who endorsed/deposited each check.
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a remembrance of things past
a document bearing the record of graduation from a college or university
a program lasting up to two years in a vocational or technical area to prepare for a job. This diploma is not the same as your high school graduation diploma.
A document bearing record of graduation from an educational institution.
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See break maiden.
a group of various very well-selected training subjects designed by our education experts to cover a specific profession and put an attendee on the track to become a specialist in his/her field
type of very formal legal document or charter
A formal document issued by an institution that certifies a student has successfully completed an instructional program.
a letter of certification
A fine paper made specifically for the printing of diplomas, certificates and documents.
a good start, but you have to be flexible, both about circumstances and about people
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a matter of public concern
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A diploma is generally a 60 credit program that takes two years full time.