Definitions for "Remembrance"
The act of remembering; a holding in mind, or bringing to mind; recollection.
The state of being remembered, or held in mind; memory; recollection.
Something remembered; a person or thing kept in memory.
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Remembrance are a funeral doom metal band from France, Lille. Although they call themselves a funeral doom/death act they have demonstrated no real structure of death metal. Both the members: Matthieu and Carline are from the band Lethian Dreams and the two came together in June 2004 with "the obsession of creating depressive and dark music".
a recognition of meritorious service
Human awareness need not be limited to its own subjectivity alone. It has the capacity for expansion and growth beyond the borders of personal identity and awareness. To remember our Ultimate Identity, to awaken to that Reality and to live within it is to practice the art of remembrance.
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the ability to recall past occurrences