Definitions for "good friend"
Keywords:  treasure, friendship, soul, kira, gift
a blessing and friendships should be nurtured, not forgotten
a found treasure", "Friendship is the golden thread that ties our hearts and souls together", and "Red Hat for Attitude
a Gem to be Treasured
a City of New Orleans Public Works engineer who got back in on Wednesday after Katrina and took photos before evidence was bulldozed
a geologist working on plans for a LSEEF on the moon
a historical costumer who has done work for various museumns and she raves about this book
a friend in need, who is always willing to do something useful for you, who can give good advice, who can keep secrets
a friend who is extremely virtuous and for whose sake you dare not do something bad, for fear of displeasing or upsetting him or her
a good enemy and I hope to make you mine
Keywords:  sumner, bouncer, posh, mafia, privy
a bouncer at a Mafia-owned club
a member of the posh club (that once was the elegant town home of Sumner Welles), and while at lunch, I was privy to a very vocal conversation at one of the big round center tables in the club dining room
a distributor in the Rocky Mtn area
a local distributor for Fischer and was kind enough to let me try out the frames as they were introduced
an enrolled Onandaga and played for the Iroquois Nationals and Syracuse
a cellist with the Opera Pacific Orchestra (in Southern California) and encouraged me to go see my first opera
Keywords:  wack, farrier, shoes, whole, saved
a farrier and has saved me a whole wack of shoes
a colon-rectal surgeon and recommended this product for itching and other rectal symptoms (unbalanced PH one primary cause of itching)
a mechanic at a leading Rover dealership in N NJ
Keywords:  tradeskill, sage, don't, need
a sage, so I don't need that tradeskill
a connection to life - a tie to the past, a road
an important part of life and can last a lifetime
a person that one can trust with one's life and private intimate matters
a Native American professor of indigenous studies
Keywords:  valuable, commodity
a valuable commodity
Keywords:  pro, finisher
a pro finisher
Keywords:  listener
a good listener
Keywords:  pearl, price
a Pearl without price
Keywords:  talking, wall
a talking wall
Keywords:  doctor, trained, procedure
a doctor and trained to do this procedure
Keywords:  great, start
a great start