Definitions for "WEDDING"
Keywords:  joyous, bride, celebrate, groom, bless
A ceremony at which two persons undertake to become one, one undertakes to become nothing, and nothing undertakes to become supportable.
Nuptial ceremony; nuptial festivities; marriage; nuptials.
Ancient Greek weddings differed according to local tradition. Basically, the marriage was arranged between the couple's parents. After the wedding supper, the groom and his best friend carried off the bride in a cart from her parents' home to his home with the families following on foot holding torches to light the way. At the bride's new home, marriage songs were sung and, at some point, the bride and groom retired to the marriage chamber to celebrate in private.
a bond of love and trust
a bright light in an often-dark world, and an increasing number of couples are choosing perso
a celbration of the love God has established between two people
Keywords:  wonderful, joy, happy, great, ladylike
a great opportunity to tell a story in pictures
a great way to
a happy day for all concerned
a legal and spiritual commitment between two people who agree to the dictates of such an arrangement
an authentic commitment, but not only between the contrayentes
an EXCELLENT resaon to apply for a visa (birth of a grandchild is NOT)
a passage, a cut-off- leave and cleave
a rite of passage, not a performance,'' said Catherine Freemire, a marriage and family therapist who teaches courses on life rituals at John F
a rite of passage, the final leg of your dating experience, but it is also the start of a long and interesting journey
an honored family tradition and if the parents raised their children correctly they would be welcome
a standout in the set and is highly recommended
a welcome and highly recommended addition to community library audiobook collections
a beginning, and contrasting colors add a splash
a day of beginnings
a day on which a lot of vows are made which will almost certainly be broken at some point, given our frail humanity
a hot-stone frolic, and generally performed by a ambush-work ( though a obstinate-looking in the back sea-beans still adhere to the custom of their sacbuts ), a large converse tennis shoes misseing sleighted to solemnise the nursetender
Wedding is a district in the borough of Mitte, Berlin, Germany and was a separate borough in north-western Berlin until it was fused with Tiergarten and Mitte in 2001. The former borough of Wedding included the district of Gesundbrunnen.
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a funeral where a man smells his own flowers
a funeral where you smell your own flowers
a divine, worship service
a religious worship service that takes place in the house of God
a service of public worship and should, therefore, be planned in consideration of other worship services and activities of the parish
a different story
a moment in time, a story to be told and photographjy is one of the ways we preserve those moments in life that we cherish
a momentous episode in our lives
a pagent, clothed in colorful and unusual costumes, laden with tradition, sentiment, and quaint customs that have their roots in antiquity
a tradition that knows no cultural boundaries
a public affair, and it's everyone's fear that somewhere, somehow, despite all the planning, arrangements, expense, and hard work, something will happen to make one or more of the principles appear foolish in public
a special day, meant to last an eternity
a special day with special memories
Keywords:  hope, gomer, newlyweds, supremely, says
a supremely hopeful act
a time of hope for the newlyweds," Gomer says
Keywords:  narcissism, orgy, female
an orgy of female narcissism
an entirely different proposition
a very expensive proposition
a legitimate season for jokes, and all sorts of good-natured inuendoes and insinuations
Keywords:  reminder
a reminder to
Keywords:  boast, shame, talent, beauty, chance
a beautiful and
a chance for each one to reveal her natural beauty without shame and to boast her talent for enhancing it
a party, not a campground, and your guests will appreciate a mirror and a place to freshen up
Keywords:  necessity, luxury
a luxury, not a necessity
a genuinely peculiar thing
a once in a life time thing you know
a one-time-thing
The diamond wedding anniversary is often stated as the 75th, but a diamond jubilee is generally recognised as the 60th anniversary
Keywords:  simcha, jewish, souls, god, presence
a simcha because two souls have united in a way that brings the presence of God into the world through another Jewish home
Keywords:  unity, divorce, pen, happen, stroke
a symbol of unity and a divorce can happen with a single stroke of a pen
Keywords:  trevails, fine, reason, extra, even
a fine reason to be busy, even without the trevails of extra work
Keywords:  biggest, big, party, decision, host
a big party, and big parties are hard on houses
a big party - probably the biggest many people will host in their lives
a very big decision to take
Keywords:  excuse, pretty, good
a pretty good excuse
a highlight of your life
a major life transition, like going to college or having a baby
an important " stage of life"
Keywords:  sacred, union, people, woman, man
a sacred union between two people
a union between a man and a woman," he said
Keywords:  parents, gift, children, break, formal
a formal break, When leave of parents the children take
a gift from the parent or parents
a formalization of an already existing relationship, and the creation of a new one
Keywords:  automated, vary, process, may
an automated process and results may vary
Keywords:  birth, kind, new, formed
a kind of birth from which a new being is formed
Keywords:  arrangement, business
a business arrangement
Keywords:  start, togetherness
a start of togetherness
Keywords:  art, work
a work of art
Keywords:  takes, years, process
a process that takes years