Definitions for "Samuel"
Keywords:  hannah, elkanah, saul, prophet, eli
Son of Hannah and Elkanah of Ramathaim, as a young boy he was consecrated to God as a nazirite. He served in the sanctuary at Shiloh under Eli, the priest; he heard God calling him in a dream and became a famous prophet and one of the last judges in Israel. His name means "heard by God."
(she-moo-EL) n. Samuel. 1) The book of Samuel, part of the Nevi'im in the Tanakh; 2) Samuel, the great prophet, priest, and judge of Israel. Also transliterated as Sh'muel.
A former false Seeker of Truth who was deformed by the magic of the sword. He saught out the help of Shota who could do nothing to change him back. She took pity on him and let him stay with her as her companion.
a young journalism student who is eager to step into mainstream radio one day