Definitions for "Aaron"
The brother of Moses and Miriam and ancestor of the Jewish priestly lines. Because of his significance for the priesthood, he is mentioned frequently in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Brother of Moses and Miriam, he is noted in Exodus for being the first priest of Israel. He also is mentioned for leading the Israelites into Ba'al worship in the Golden Calf incident.
(ah-ha-ROWN) n. The brother of Moses and Miriam; the first “Kohen Gadol” or High Priest of Israel.
Aaron was the abbot of St. Martin in Cologne, Germany in the year 1042. He was of Scottish origin, but pilgrimaged in his youth to Colonia to the Scottish convent of St.
Aaron Schatz, head honcho of Football Outsiders. This whole thing was his idea at the end of the 2002 season because local newspaper writers would knock the New England Patriots for their lack of running game and claimed the only way for a team to be successful was to have a good running game. Aaron set out to see if this was true. Turns out, it's not.
a highly motivated, hard working student athlete who is successful because of the time and effort he puts into everything he does
According to The Book of Mormon, the city of Aaron was located near Nephihah, though constructed earlier. Prior to the construction of Nephihah, its nearest known neighbor was Moroni.
a group leader in systematical botany and a co-author with Eric Danell on Cantharellus ITS
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see Harun
AARON is a software program written by artist Harold Cohen that creates original artistic images.
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