Definitions for "Jesus Christ"
Of Nazareth, the Christ. (1a) The son of God; the Avatar (q.v.) whose teachings come to us through Christianity and the New Testament of the Bible. See also Christ, the. (1b) Of Nazareth. The Avatar born in Bethlehem, Palestine, whose teachings comes to us through the Christian religion. The Christ. (Du) Yusuf is an Arabic and Persian name for Jesus. Yusuf Asaf translated means Jesus (Leader) Christ (Gatherer). Jesus's name is also spelled Yuz or Yuzu. In Tibet, Jesus is also known as Issa or Isa. (Ka 2472 )
The Only Begotten Son of the Father in the flesh and the Firstborn Son in the spirit; our Redeemer and Savior.
The central figure of Christianity, Jesus Christ, is regarded by Christians as the incarnate Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, and the prophesied Hebrew Messiah (anointed one, Deliverer of Israel). Traditional Christian imagery evolved around the major events of Christ's life including his birth, crucifixion (Passion), and resurrection.