Definitions for "Amillennialism"
Amillennial is from the Latin [ mille], meaning thousand, and [ annum], meaning years. The article "a" in Greek (yes Greek) negates the word following it, thus a-millennium literally means no millennium. In Theological terms Amillennialism is the doctrine of no "earthly" millennial reign, or no "earthly" 1000 year reign. It identifies the belief that Christ established His Kingdom by His Death, Resurrection, and ascension to the throne of God in heaven, and thus that the kingdom of God is now being extended throughout the world through the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. this doctrine does not hold that Christ must come to a worldly throne in earthly Jerusalem. Rather, it teaches that Christ reigns now and that after this present kingdom reign is over, Christ will return in judgment of the quick and the dead. [ back
(a.k.a Nonmillennialism) A belief taught by Roman Catholicism, and some Reformed Protestantism and Baptist churches concerning the end of the world. We are currently in the " millennium." End time events described in the book of Revelation and elsewhere in the New Testament have mostly taken place. The Antichrist is viewed figuratively and not as a real person. This was the universal belief of Christianity up until the 19th century.
The view that the millennium of Revelation 20 is fulfilled in the present institutional church or in the deceased saints reigning with Christ in heaven. It specifically denies any global millennium.