Definitions for "Christ"
The Anointed; an appellation given to Jesus, the Savior. It is synonymous with the Hebrew Messiah.
Another name for Jesus Christ.
The anointed one. The title of Jesus. In Old Testament times anointing with oil (putting oil on someone's head) was often done to officially designate someone as the rightful holder of an office. At his baptism Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit to show his right to the offices of our prophet, priest, and king.
a King or Chief of all High-Priests (one who is in charge of all the High Priests, down through time) especially in making atonements, or sacrifices for Sins
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A term used to designate the head of the Spiritual Hierarchy; the World Teacher; the Master of all the Masters. The office presently held by the Lord Maitreya.
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Christ: Second Aspect of the Trinity
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a man/woman of Truth