Definitions for "Moses"
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The great lawgiver of the Torah and thus a figure of central importance for groups concerned to remain faithful to the Sinai covenant. This helps to explain the prominence of Moses in new pseudepigraphic works penned in the Hellenistic period, when the Mosaic law was challenged by Hellenizing rulers, as it helps to explain the prominence of Moses and the books associated with him at Qumran.
The son of a Levite man and woman, he became the foster-son of the daughter of Pharaoh, King of Egypt, during a time when the Israelites were enslaved there. He is called by God to organize a slave revolt and gain the Israelites' freedom from Pharaoh. He becomes the mediator between God and the people of Israel. He is known in Exodus, Deuteronomy, and in later Jewish tradition as the giver of the Law. His name means "[I was] drawn out."
Moses: considered one of the greatest prophets of the Jewish religion. Led the Jewish people out of slavery in Egypt. Climbed Mt. Sinai and spoke with GOD, the I Am That I Am, where Moses enountered the Burning Bush and GOD revealed his Holy Name and the Ten Commandments to the Jewish people. See Dr. Stone's book, The Golden Book of Melchizedek: How to Become an Integrated Christ/Buddha in This Lifetime, for the deeper esoteric understanding of the Ten Commandments! Led the Jewish people for 40 years through the desert. However, before the Promised Land was reached, he passed to the Spirit World and Joshua took over Spiritual Leadership of the Tribe of Israel. Interestingly, Joshua was an incarnation of the Master Jesus! The Jewish and Christian religions are more connected than people realize. This was also why Jesus was born into the Jewish religion and was a Jewish rabbi
Moses is a song by the famous British band, Coldplay. This song was released in the year 2003 in the album Live 2003, on which it is the eighth track on the second disk. It was written about Chris Martin's wife Gwyneth Paltrow.
To dream that you see Moses, means personal gain and a connubial alliance which will be a source of sweet congratulation to yourself.
"Moses" is a post-expressionism painting created by Robert B. Sherman. It was finished in 1977.Sherman, Robert B.
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see Musa
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A large flatboat, used in the West Indies for taking freight from shore to ship.
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151d -- See also: Patriarchs
The most common name given to pet birds by Pentacostal Christians.
United States painter of colorful and primitive rural scenes (1860-1961)
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A basket baby; a "come by chance." See full history of Moses in this work, p. 502. See pp. 692 and 693, Moses in heaven.
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