Definitions for "HISTORY"
An account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools. Of Roman history, great Niebuhr's shown 'Tis nine-tenths lying. Faith, I wish 'twere known, Ere we accept great Niebuhr as a guide, Wherein he blundered and how much he lied. Salder Bupp
A learning or knowing by inquiry; the knowledge of facts and events, so obtained; hence, a formal statement of such information; a narrative; a description; a written record; as, the history of a patient's case; the history of a legislative bill.
A systematic, written account of events, particularly of those affecting a nation, institution, science, or art, and usually connected with a philosophical explanation of their causes; a true story, as distinguished from a romance; -- distinguished also from annals, which relate simply the facts and events of each year, in strict chronological order; from biography, which is the record of an individual's life; and from memoir, which is history composed from personal experience, observation, and memory.
Your browser keeps a record of sites that have been loaded by the browser. Learn How To View Your Browser's History
Your Web browser keeps a record of all the Web pages you visit over a period of time, like the last few days or weeks. The history section is user adjustable in your browser and can be found by looking for the history button on the top taskbar.
A list of the most recently visited sites visited stored in your browser's cache
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see Banding history
HIStory: Past, Present and Future – Book I is a two-disc album by American musician, entertainer and pop icon Michael Jackson released in 1995 by the Epic Records division of Sony BMG.
History is the sixth album by German band Dune. It was released in 2000 on the label Orbit Records. The album is a "best of" album.
To narrate or record.
A procedural record of actions on any given proposal.
The history automatically records URLs visited during a Web session. In Netscape, URLs are stored under the Go menu and are not saved across Web sessions. In Internet Explorer, the history records up to 300 addresses recorded across Web sessions.
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The C Shell in Unix has the capability to recall previously-issued commands. These previous commands are maintained in a history file which is accessible to the Shell and can be re-issued by the user. Click for more information.
A record of all the commands used by each user. Works only with the BASH, Korn and C shells.
(Korn/Bash) shows the most recent commands run by this user.
an interesting and noteworthy item, I'm more excited that the car is running so well," said Troxel, who outraced David Baca for the victory at Auto Club Raceway at Pomona last weekend
an interesting and noteworthy item, our big goal is to go out there and be the best team on the track and win some races, and, with any luck, be in the chase for the championship at the end of the year
a collection of historical vignettes collected and written in a storytelling style by Mr
an a priori possibility for the complete evolution of the system, and the collection of all the histories is called the "sample space"
an uneven collection of eleven diverse vignettes, alternately witty, hilarious, disturbing, or incomprehensible
a fascinating panoramic portrait of one of the most complicated regions of the world-the region that incorporates modern-day Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka
a "must" for anyone who wants to learn about this fascinating land and its people
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a book by Barry Rubin and Judith Colp
a book that no college football fan can live without
a brilliant book
Also named after Dame Nellie Melba. Melba toast is said to be derived from the crisp toast that was part of Dame Melba's diet during 1897 when she was strenuously dieting, living largely on toast. It is said that she so enjoyed a piece of toast a young waiter had burnt, while she was staying at the Savoy Hotel. It was bungled and was served to her in a thin dried-up state resembling parchment. Cesar Ritz beheld with horror his celebrated guest crunching this aborted toast, and hastened over to apologize. Before he could say a word supposedly Madame Melba burst out joyfully, "Cesar, how clever of Escoffier. I have never eaten such lovely toast." The hotel proprietor Cesar Ritz supposedly named it in a conversation with chef Escoffier.
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The origin of the French fry has been the target of much animosity between the French and the Belgians. Some people think the French fry (pommes frites) originated in Belgian and then spread to France. Belgian historians claim to have proof that fries were invented in the region of the Meuse in 1680. The French claim they originated in Paris on the Pont Neuf in the mid 19th century. The French fry is part of most international cuisines, but different countries have different names for them.
a good overview of the conflict
capsules of U.S. conflicts concise world timeline
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a dastardly conceit
The study of the past, not to be confused with creationism, a weird amalgamation of history, paleontology and theology (see Creationism)
The study of the past, either with the aid of historical eyewitness documentation (such as Genesis) or without. Historical hypotheses are designed to be consistent with the available evidence (documentation, natural science data, etc.) but there is no way to "prove" a particular historical theory correct without a time machine. All that can be said is that a hypothesis fits the data. (See overspecification error.)
an enlightening study of an intriguing and controversial therapy
an extremely well-written, accessible, and consciously Eurocentric yet relatively harmless place to start
the permanent presence of the process of reality in which man participates with his conscious existence; the substance of history consists in the experiences in which man gains understanding of his humanity and its limits. History is Man written large; and as man's consciousness is the reality of tension toward the divine ground of his existence, history is the struggle between existence in truth and the deficient modes of existence. "The unfolding of a pattern of meaning in time" movement through time, on a meaningful course, toward an anticipated fulfillment (Eugene Webb) The tension of existence, in its orientation toward the divine beyond existence, incarnated as a temporal process (Eugene Webb)
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An RMON statistical group of time-based traffic statistics for an entire LAN. This tracking is not related to individual hosts and does not work across bridges, switches, or routers.
Each NEMO dataset normally contains a data history in the form of of history items at the beginnging of the dataset. They are normally kept track of by the data processing programs, and can be displayed with the program hisf.
an instructive primer in the social, artistic, and political roots of graphic art
a useful book on the forested Pond and its community as well as a hallowed writer whose work will last far longer than the political imbroglios surrounding it
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The legend goes that Rome was founded by Romulus on Palatine hill on April 21st BC 753.
a model of patient, readable scholarship
a readable, scholarly work, with extensive references
The set of answers the patient gives to the physician in response to questions aimed at determining the circumstances that give rise to a physical problem.
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in the context of Lyme disease, history means whether or not a person has a known tick bite; whether a person lives in or has traveled to an endemic area; and whether a person has been in a situation which might expose him/her to a tick bite, i.e. hiking, camping, etc.
an essential, if somewhat pricey, resource
Clients & Profitsremembers running monthly activity for clients, vendors, and resources. Monthly client billings are updated during posting accounts receivable. Monthly vendor purchases are updated while posting accounts payable. And monthly billable dollars for resources are updated while posting time sheets. These monthly amounts are compared against last year's figures on the Client, Vendor, and Resource History window, which is opened from the Work menu.
a novelistic saga that provides Westerners with millennia of new experiences
Indigenous Peoples History of Irrigation Irrigation ditch decrees History of Flash Floods in the Boulder Area
a reflection of his involvement with the people of the Palmetto State and is co-dedicated to his many students
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A publication that gives a comprehensive list of all actions taken on every bill. It is published in volumes, daily and weekly, by each House.
A history file is a text file associated with a particular MIPS image which has the same name as the image but with a ".hst" extension. This file contains a listing of all the processing in which its corresponding image has gone through. The format of the history file includes the program name, files and parameter selections for this program followed by a line of dashes; afterwards the history for the next program follows.
A person's medical history is a record of all their previous health diagnoses and treatments, their medications (including non-prescribed) and allergies and other relevant information such as risk behaviours, illnesses (past and present) of family members, and results of medical investigations.
A mechanism in ArcStorm to enable the tracking of changes made to a data source. This enables the creation of historical views and supports 'rolling back' the data to a previous period in time.
Container for a person's previous (and possibly current) jobs
a pageant for the purpose of satisfying our curiosity
an infinite sequence of states
A set of Assignments for a sequence of contiguous Time Steps, beginning at the and ending at the current Time Step. Configuration Parameter: the maximum number of Time Step s to retain (the Zenith minus the Horizon) before Truncating.
a case of orthodoxy blinders, as a different respondent put it
Distillers measured it by mixing equal amounts of gunpowder and whiskey in small amounts and then lit a match to the mixture. If it did not burn, the whiskey was too weak. If it burned with a steady blue flame then this was proof that the alcoholic content was right.
an easy swallow at this landmark Pioneer Square tavern
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a pattern of timeless moments
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a blessing to those who would like to explore a rich subject but simply do not have
a far cry from simply a list of chemical structures
a proposition (RA) that relates some script (IAO) to the stages of some occurrent (O)
a worthy successor to the critically acclaimed earlier editions
a refreshingly down-to-earth, on-the-ground reporter's description of a country that generations of Americans have an opinion of, yet so few really know
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an extension of her doctoral thesis
a perception and interpretation of the continuity of a civilisation
A written reconstruction and interpretation of the past. History is written by historians.
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a tour de force of historical and literary research
a race between education and catastrophe
Denotes any educational game that teaches history.
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a compelling read
an excellent read
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(of incident handling)
User Administration - Privileges
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a completely new work with three times the detail and
an eight-time All-Star and three-time U
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See strategy as history
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Your character's background
A field in Keep In Touch that allows for text notes.  This feature provides a contact management system that tracks contacts between people in your database and employees.
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Problem History
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Statement of past transactions having occurred on an account.
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Company History
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see history of computing