Definitions for "Bookmark"
Something placed in a book to guide in finding a particular page or passage; also, a label in a book to designate the owner; a bookplate.
Bookmark are equivalent to Favorites (Internet Explorer a.k.a. IE). Bookmarks server the purpose of stamping a certain web page that you find intriguing and want to save the website URL address.
A placeholder for interesting or frequently used Web sites, so that these sites can be revisited easily without having to remember or retype the Internet address.
a string value, which references a particular row in an open recordset
a system-generated byte array that uniquely identifies each record in a recordset
a system-generated value that uniquely identifies each record in a scrolling Recordset object
a pointer to a given website. Customers might bookmark your site so they may easily return.
a link to a specific website or folder
a pointer to a specific website
(voir Signet) Identification of a location in a learning resource for which a learner has the intention of going back. Learners for personal reference and review place bookmarks.
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a miniature Mighty Mouse
Keywords:  memento, grandparents, nice, event, day
a nice memento from a Grandparents Day event, and a useful item
Keywords:  textcontent, jump, label, target
a TextContent , which is like a jump target or a label
Keywords:  tome, bible, magazine, place, tool
a simple tool used to keep one's place while reading a book, magazine, Bible or other tome of substance
a user-defined place in a book
Keywords:  hotlink, case, special
a special case of a hotlink
an index of all the sections of a document, similar to a table of contents
a preset table of contents imbedded into the document
Keywords:  encouragement, great
a great encouragement
Keywords:  tells, list, entry, online, adding
An entry in a bookmark list.
Adding a person to a list that tells you when they are online.
Set a bookmark when reading an information update; upon re-entering, the message will begin where the bookmark was set.
Keywords:  topic, access, means, system
a means in the system to access a topic quickly
Keywords:  selected, attached, wine, note, added
a note attached to a specific wine, and it can only be added when a wine is selected
Keywords:  non, container
a non-container (i