Definitions for "Preset"
A preprogrammed sound and control setup on a sampler or synthesizer. Presets can be made up in advance of a performance, stored in memory, then recalled instantly when desired. See Patch.
1) Anything in position before the beginning of a scene or act (eg Props placed on stage before the performance, lighting state on stage as the audience are entering.) 2) An indepenently controllable section of a manual lighting board which allows the setting up of a lighting state before it is needed. Each preset has a master fader which selects the maximum level of dimmers controlled by that preset.
See preprogrammed.
a collection of parameters that tell MilkDrop how to draw the wave, how to warp the image around, and so on
a recipe of parameters that are optimized for a given collection of books
A factory-configured sound.
a small variable resistor usually mounted on a PCB and adjusted by a screwdriver Primary research research which you collect
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a single command that combines control operations with the names of the displays
A gated expression which includes a specific clock which is connected to and actibates the common reset or preset of a data or control path register.
a quick and easy way to play favorite content on your SoundBridge
Visually pleasing sequence of Effect Modules in WVS.
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See Cold Spring
The process of closing to solid height a compression spring which has been coiled longer than the desired finish length, so as to increase the apparent elastic limit.
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Pre-determined positions of a pan tilt head and zoom lens
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a group of preferences of your choice