Definitions for "Tracker"
a component of the BitTorrent protocol
a computer storing many torrent control files, that in turn points to thousands of computer storing files and fragment of files of the same origin as the little torrent control file
a monster who will track you down to your room and eat you at night if you don't upload
a breed of darklighter that targets whitelighters on theverge of losing their wings
a Darklighter that goes after Whitelighters who are about to lose their wings
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an electronic device that you can fit to your car so that it can be tracked if it is stolen.
an accessory fitted to your car which will enable it to be traced if it is stolen in the UK.
An electronic device which emits a signal enabling law enforcement agencies to locate the car if it is stolen anywhere in the UK.
A professional investment fund that tries to emulate the fortunes of a share index such as FTSE 100 by investing only in the companies representing the index and in the proportions of the index that each company reflects.
A unit trust which is designed to match the movement in an index - the FTSE 100, for example - by investing in a representative portfolio of shares.
a fund that attempts to emulateexpenses incurred by the fund
a mod editor/player
a music program based on digital reproduction of analogue sounds, i
a piece of software that allows music to be made using your computer and some sound samples
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a broker service mediating contacts between peers, isn't directly involved in data transfer and doesn't retain a copy of files being shared
a broker service that mediates contacts between peers
a dedicated server that receives information from individuals and generates a dynamic register of peers that can be used by client software to download a particular file
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Tracker is the story of Daggon, an alien life form who lands on Earth from the planet Cirron in a bid to capture 218 prisoners who had escaped from the planet SAR TOP in the Migar Solar System in the form of "life forces" then took over various human identities. He lands in an abandoned field in the outskirts of Chicago where he takes on the form of an underwear model, Cole, who he sees on a billboard. He later meets Mel Porter, a Chicago bar owner who has an outgoing British half sister, Jess, who runs the bar.
A physical device that collects and transmits sensor positions and orientations in space; a physical device that outputs position and orientation information of a user-worn unit.
a device that can measure the position and/or orientation of a sensor relative to a source
a device which keeps a set of modules always facing perpendicular to the sun
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a bounty hunter, focused on finding a target and bringing it (or pieces of it) back to the employer
a native american who comes and finds you when your mates have left you half pissed and naked in the middle of the mojave desert
Controls the growth of the Transition System. A Tracker can be one of two types, depending on the Find Candidates Style: CBFS_tracker (with Extend) cover_tracker (with Find Fresh Candidates) Code: transition/tracker.
Tracker is an American indie rock ensemble from Portland, Oregon. The act was founded in 1998 by John Askew, a freelance audio engineer and writer for Tape Op magazine.
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A special provision approved by the Commission giving the pipeline company the ability to change its rates at different points in time to recognize changes in specific cost of service items without the usual suspension period of a rate filing. Examples of costs that have been or are tracked include PGA, including GRI charge and A.G.A. charge, certain TBO costs, SRO and charges in Research and Development. See CLAUSE, ADJUSTMENTS.
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Mortgage rate which tracks the Bank of England base rate
Tracker mortgages link your interest rate to a benchmark, such as Bank of England base rate. The rate you pay moves up and down in line with the benchmark selected.
A type of mortgage whereby the rate changes in line (tracks) another specified rate e.g. if the specified rate goes up by 0.25% then the other rate will go up by 0.25%. Usually the rate being tracked will be the Bank of England Base Rate. ( )
a bug-tracking and issue tracking application that is the home to various bugs, requests, and roadmaps for Freetag
In the organ, a light strip of wood connecting (in path) a key and a pallet, to communicate motion by pulling.
The part of a high-energy gamma-ray telescope that is used to determine the trajectory of the incoming gamma-ray. For a silicon strip detector-based tracker, the trajectories of electron- positron pairs are recorded. These pairs are produced by the converter.
The component of an SS radio receiver which tracks the received PN sequence. (See Tracking.) Tau-dither trackers and delay-locked loop trackers are two common types of tracker.
A lightweight radio transmitter carried by some free-flight aircraft to aid their location by means of a highly directional receiver.
You can setup referrer-like accounts to track clicks, number of sales, and total sales coming from link and banner advertisements. Consumers click advertisements and are redirected through CCBill to your site. The tracker reports the amount of sales from the sign up referral
a bit of code that traces all people who click on the links promoting one of our four brands back to you
a complete quality assurance program for medical transcription
a free, Web-based program that connects the CAPA seal number to the exact vehicle on which it was installed
a loop-based composition program
a stand-alone Microsoft Windows application that does not need any other database drivers, interpreters, or word processors to run
In Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS, a component that runs on every system in your complex. It acts as the communication link between the z/OS system that it runs on and the controller.
a separate product from a Lexis subscription and so is priced separately
an AFFORDABLE, durable and reliable ELECTRIC SCOOTER
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One who, or that which, tracks or pursues, as a man or dog that follows game.
An individual who can detect and follow signs of human passage.
A document containing information from both the landlord and the tenant to easily record the negotiation process until a final lease agreement is met.
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a share and not a derivative, such as an option or a warrant
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a central server which keeps track of all the computers demanding a particular file
a low-level server that keeps track of requests for a certain file and directs the requests to the users offering the file
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See postal tracker.
1. Another name for mechanical action. 2. A tracker is also a long thin piece of wood used in mechanical action instruments to open the valve (See next term).
a script that writes to a database and returns an image
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a low-cost means to increase the yield of the smaller system
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a special website that holds
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someone who tracks down game
a user-installable Windows application with many features
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a variable mortgage where your interest rate will be fixed