Definitions for "Shared server"
A database server configuration that allows many user processes to share a small number of server processes, minimizing the number of server processes and maximizing the use of available system resources. See Also: dedicated server
server utilized by multiple distinct persons or entities. A shared server can hosts dozens of web sites each run by different people or companies. Suitable for small to medium sized businesses. You also share the risk of slowdown. If one domain's traffic suddenly spikes, all other domains may also slow down. All resources and software on the server are shared. Antonym : Dedicated server
A shared server is a Web server that shares computer resources with other servers on a single machine. Shared Web servers are a way of providing low-cost Web hosting services. Instead of requiring a separate computer for each server, dozens of shared servers can co-reside on the same computer. This allows a single machine to act as many separate systems. It is also continuously connected to the Internet to allow anyone with a browser (Netscape/IE/AOL) to connect with the server and retrieve its data. See Also: MICRO, MINI, MID, MEGA, or META
a proven technology and works reliably
a single computer system that runs multiple web-sites owned by separate customers