Definitions for "Service"
The act of bringing to notice, either actually or constructively, in such manner as is prescribed by law; as, the service of a subpœna or an attachment.
The delivery of court papers to a person• Children & Criminal Law• Civil Courts• Divorce• Family Court Procedures
Delivery of a legal document to party, a witness or the defendant in a legal case.
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1. Functionality that can be requested by a software component. 2. A software component that provides functionality that can be requested by other software; a server.
The shot that starts a rally. The server must toss the ball up at least 16 centimeters (6 inches) and strike it as it's falling, so that it touches first in the server's court and then in the receiver's court, without touching the net. When struck, the ball must be above the level of the playing surface and behind the server's end line. See also let.
Put simply, a service is a specific application that produces log files. It is usually the case that one application will be equivalent to one service. For example, the mysql service is used to process MySQLâ„¢'s log files. But more precisely, a service is a specific log format. For example, the common service can be used for all web servers that support the Common Log Format. Similarly, the welf service can be used to process firewall log files written using WebTrends Enhanced Log Format. In order to generate a report on it, the native log will be converted to the appropriate superservice DLF schema
A service is something government delivers, that can be: 1. Tangible, e.g. obtain a driver licence; 2. Experienced, e.g. book a tour of Te Papa; 3. Information, e.g. find information on road safety.
means anything other than property, money or a service rendered by an employee to an employer. Compare: tangible personal property; intangible personal property; real property.
A non-tangible business service, such as a DJ who you may hire to come to your club. Or a dance college that provides the service of running formal dance or stage training. DanceWeb supports virtually all services that have a significant dance content, including performing artists (Bands etc) who can play to entertain dancers.
The act of breeding or mating.
To breed or mate.
deposition of semen into the cervix of a sow or gilt. may be by "natural" boar or artificial insemination
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A set of functions offered to a user by an organisation. A service represents a set of network capabilities available to Customer usage. A service is a stand-alone commercial offering characterised by one or more core Service Features ,and can be optionally enhanced by other services features. 1) A set of capabilities provided by a Computational Object that can be used by other objects; it is accessed via an Operational Interface . 2) A set of capabilities provided to an Actor (e.g. an end user), or a set of capabilities offered by an object for use by other objects. In an Information Networking Service refers to a packaged set of capabilities that is perceived by a human user when interacting with a Telecommunications network or a Service Provider and for which separate billing can be arranged. Telecommunications Service source: ITU-T M.60, Q.1202, Q.1290, TINA-C domain: Pan European Organisational Management Schemes, General, TMN, Intelligent Network usage: EU-P201 EU-P103
Integration Server is a service-base integration broker. A service is a process that may be invoked to perform a wide variety of tasks.
A software function performed for one or more client. This function might be a very low-level support service, such as a memory management, or a high-level business service, such as a credit check. Services can be local (available to local clients) or distributed (available to remote clients). A system-level service can consist of a family of individual services.
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The act of serving; the occupation of a servant; the performance of labor for the benefit of another, or at another's command; attendance of an inferior, hired helper, slave, etc., on a superior, employer, master, or the like; also, spiritual obedience and love.
The deed of one who serves; labor performed for another; duty done or required; office.
Office of devotion; official religious duty performed; religious rites appropriate to any event or ceremonial; as, a burial service.
Life is predicated upon exchange. One can live by and through the exchanges unconsciously or consciously. To consciously live in the complexity of giving and receiving and to increase its richness is to serve, by willingly giving what will enrich the whole and thus ultimate one's own reality.
The gift of Service is the special ability God gives to certain members of the body of Christ to willingly help with tasks, whether up front or behind the scenes, in order that the church might be more effective in its ministry. (see 2 Timothy 1:16-18, Romans 12:7, Acts 6:1-7, Titus 3:14, Gal. 6:2,10)
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An interface or connection between the core Jabber Server and any external system (such as a database) in which communications do not take place over the Internet or a network. There is no translation by the Service of the Jabber XML Protocol into a non-Jabber protocol. Contrast with Gateway.
An interface or connection between the core JCS and any external system (such as a database) in which communications do not take place over the Internet as a translation from the Jabber XML Protocol into a non-Jabber messaging or information format. Contrast with Gateway.
An operation which accepts requests and returns responses trough a standard interface. A service should not depend on the state of other operations in the system.
A service is an I/O Kit entity, based on a subclass of IOService, that has been published with the registerService method and provides certain capabilities to other I/O Kit objects. In the I/O Kitâ€(tm)s layered architecture, each layer is a client of the layer below it and a provider of services to the layer above it. A service type is identified by a matching dictionary that describes properties of the service. A nub or driver can provide services to other I/O Kit objects.
any program or computer you access over a network. Examples of services include "host" (a host, e.g., when you use telnet and rsh), "ftp" (FTP), "krbtgt" (authentication; cf. ticket-granting ticket), and "pop" (email).
The RADIUS client provides a service to the dial-in user, such as PPP or Telnet.
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One of the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth of Australia to which persons are appointed, enlisted, or inducted for military service, and which operates and is administered within the ADO. The Australian Services are the Royal Australian Navy, the Australian Army and the Royal Australian Air Force.
A branch or multiple branches of the United States Armed Forces. There are five in all: the Army, the Air Force, the Coast Guard, the Marine Corps (or Marines) and the Navy.
refers to any passenger transport service that is covered by the Act, and includes taxi services and other small passenger vehicle services.
usually means the operation of a transport system to provide transportation of goods and/or people in response to expected demand, e.g. air service, taxi service, etc. Service also used as a verb as in 'service the market' or 'service the vehicle'.
A name given to several trees and shrubs of the genus Pyrus, as Pyrus domestica and P. torminalis of Europe, the various species of mountain ash or rowan tree, and the American shad bush (see Shad bush, under Shad). They have clusters of small, edible, applelike berries.
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Français : Service (voiture) Deutsch : Dienst, Fahrt An advertised collection of bus Journeys between two Termini, possibly with variations. See also : LINE, BLOCK
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Direct assistance / advice is provided by SMC for members in the areas of conservation and collections care; fundraising; grants; ICT; learning and access; museum development; Registration; and training as well as general service of information and advocacy to and on behalf of the museum sector. For the future delivery of subject specialist advice in Scotland, SMC has suggested that SMC, NMS, and NGS should develop a joint policy and service specifications.
A type of writing that offers advice and useful information. Also called a how-to.
A collection of prayers and hymns which are performed for the purpose of worshipping God.
A formal and public exercise of worship
A form of religious worship or ceremony, sometimes referred to as a divine service.
The act and manner of bringing food to the persons who eat it; order of dishes at table; also, a set or number of vessels ordinarily used at table; as, the service was tardy and awkward; a service of plate or glass.
The act of serving the ball.
Act of serving or covering. See Serve, v. t., 13.
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Meal, mealtime, the serving of the meal. A restaurant has two services if it serves lunch and dinner; a dish en deux services, like canard pressé. is served in two courses.
Civilian service which is creditable under subchapter III of chapter 83 or subchapter II of chapter 84 of title 5, United States Code. This includes service under a nonappropriated fund instrumentality of the Department of Defense or the Coast Guard for an individual who elected to remain under a retirement system established for employees described in Section 2105 (c) of title 5.
The furnishing of skilled or unskilled labor or professional work but does not include professional services covered by the Professional & Consulting Services Act (defined in Chapter 2254 of the Texas Government Code), or an employee of a ordering entity, and services of public utilities.
Technically, service is any action done to further the spread of Knowledge by Maharaji. In practice - although service often involves setting up for programs and video events, ushering, security, and the like - it can also entail working for one of several companies owned by Elan Vital, or donating money towards Maharaji's personal expenses. Supposedly, the full experience of Knowledge is not possible unless one performs service to him.
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Medical care and items such as medical diagnosis and treatment, drugs and biologicals, supplies, appliances, and equipment, medical social services, and use of hospital RPCH or SNF facilities. (42 CFR 400.202).
to supply with aid, information, or other incidental services.
see Consumer service, Supply services or Consumer sub-service.
High Quality - Service: in which 1) there is a perceived congruence between what clients expect to and what they receive or 2) perceptions of service quality exceed expectations. Low Quality - Service: in which perceptions of actual service are lower than expectations. (Edwards, S. and M. Browne, "Quality in Information Services: Do Users and Librarians Differ in their Expectations?", p. 163-4))
Doing something for someone else without the expectation of reward or payment
We value the practice of service and what it teaches us about ourselves, and our relation to others. Our participants are here to experience the world in new ways. We are attuned to and care about their experience, needs, and expectations. We treat each other with similar grace.
"Held to service" means slavery.
For our scheduler this can mean a service provided by a staff member such as a 60 minute massage or it can mean a resource such as a tennis court.
means the BigBlog Service.
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Service was the eighth album by Yellow Magic Orchestra (1983). Somewhat like ×∞ Multiplies, it contains a mixture of YMO songs and comedy sketches, this time by S.E.T. (Some European editions omit the sketches.)
A background process on a WinNT machine that is responsible for a particular system task. Service processes do not need human intervention to continue functioning.
A type of support or clinical intervention designed to address the specific mental health needs of a child and his or her family. A service could be received once or repeated over a course of time as determined by the child, family, and service provider.
Supportive or therapeutic interventions designed to address the specific mental health needs of a consumer. The goals and outcomes of the Service are to be determined by the Consumer and the Treatment Team and assessed to be medically necessary. Treatment: The process of providing for the physical, emotional, psychological and social needs of a consumer through a variety of individually tailored services.
Hence, a musical composition for use in churches.
In Anglican church music, a Service is a musical setting of certain parts of the liturgy, generally for choir with or without organ accompaniment.
Networking software that provides instructions for an activity. On Windows computers, the most popular service is File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks. Its name is fairly self-explanatory.
Our commitment and pledge to every customer that your repair will be done right the first time and that you will be treated honestly and fairly.
This is Windows terminology for a daemon -- see above. It is now frequently used in Unix environments as well.
See daemon
commonly refers to 1) a branch of public employment (national veterinary service) or 2) a job or task performed (CLINICAL EXAMINATION & TREATMENT, EMBRYO TRANSFER service).
A job performed to the standard and with the acceptable quality level. The contractor must do the specific job, and meet the standard, and meet the acceptable quality level before one can say that performance has been acceptable and that he/she should be paid.
Component performing a task. See Web Service.
An activity which is either a TASE.2 action or operation.
Seal operating conditions.
Any public transportation service operated for a gauranteed number of patrons on a prepaid, reserved basis.
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The materials used for serving a rope, etc., as spun yarn, small lines, etc.
The materials, generally spun-yarn and old canvas, used for the above purpose.
"Mark Latoschikfunctionality that is embedded in a certain provide/require framework to allow modular application design on the scheme level"
An application that processes requests by client applications, such as storing data, or executing an algorithm.
twisted.application.service.Service. See Application howto for a description of how they relate to Applications.
Period of employment.
Employment taken into consideration under a pension plan. Years of employment before the inception of a plan constitute an employee’s past service; years thereafter are classified in relation to the particular actuarial valuation being made or discussed. Years of employment (including past service) prior to the date of a particular valuation constitute prior service; years of employment following the date of the valuation constitute future service; a year of employment adjacent to the date of the valuation, or in which such date falls, constitutes current service (included in future service).
a form of assistance that helps a young person establish and/or progress toward an employment goal. The young person usually does not receive income support (in the form of an allowance or wage) while being provided with a service.
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The provision of telecommunications to customers by a common carrier, administration, or private operating agency, using voice, data, and/or video technologies.
Any billable entity that the company offers to a customer. Back
The pipe that carries gas from the main to the customer's meter.
Because DAB transmittes also data services, for this reason the programs are named services.
Any program or computer that is accessible over a network
In reference to software, a program that provides support to other programs, particularly at a low (close to the hardware) level.
A specific program approved by the Australian Government, delivered by AusIndustry which provides information or similar material to a customer.
A component within the Internet computing model that delivers a specialized value-added function.
Work done for others; changing the state of a product, which is then delivered; for example, cleaning a dirty floor results in "delivering" a clean floor to the customer
Learning An opportunity provided in a number of courses where students volunteer a set number of hours over the semester at a not-for-profit organization chosen to complement the course. Students use the skills and theory acquired in class, and apply that knowledge in a community-based setting.
That is a set of abilities, provided by "Zenon N.S.P" company basing on Agreement and Price-list. Deductions from Account are performed according to Agreement terms, mostly periodically.
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When Dealer (and sometimes Boxman) work in concert with player(s) to make certain that their specific pattern of wagers are properly positioned. Also refers to pushing out winning Place Bets and Come Bets close and within easy reach of the player's position at the table.
If somebody is doing something for you. For example, if you get a plumber to fix a dripping tap, that's a service.
work done for others e.g., education, repair, legal, travel planning
The general maintenance of a sign. It may include cleaning, repainting, replacement of bulbs or lamps, and repairs.
To adjust, repair, maintain, and make fit for use.
One of the basic building blocks of Z39.50. These Services include Init(ialisation), Search, Present, Explain, etc.
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In network terminology, application used in an network environment is called a service. In TCP/IP, the service is identified by a transport protocol and port (e.g. HTTP uses TCP protocol and port 80).
Name given to a protocol with a defined port number. See TCP and UDP.
A product that is not embodied in a physical good and that typically effects some change in another product, person, or institution. Contrasts with good. Trade in services is the subject of the GATS. To make the scheduled payments on a debt, usually including both interest and amounts towards repayment of the principal. See debt service.
An essential element of parish life, which extends the resources of the parish to the needs of others and demonstrates a commitment to works of compassion and justice.
all life jackets require regular maintenance and some require a service by an approved station at pre determined dates, usually bi-anually.
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A Service provides a set of features to the BELTS system.
(or service provider) An organization that provides access to part of the Internet. You have to arrange for an account with a service to connect your computer to the Internet.
means an internet service meeting the performance and pricing requirements of the services (described in Section 4.6) that is registered under the Program and included for supply by a Service Provider under its Agreement.
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An MMS service is a means of passing information between two MMS-users. They are used to manipulate the VMD and through it the real device.
A node-independent commodity. A shared object that can be accessed from any Jtrix node.
Creditable service earned as an employee of the state, public school board, or political subdivision participating in VRS. Service also includes service that was granted or purchased.
Useful office; advantage conferred; that which promotes interest or happiness; benefit; avail.
Christ redeemed us, then commissioned us to join His work for the benefit of others; to do for others.
work done for the benefit of another
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A method for accessing a Resource or Agent.
A named resource that LAT hosts provide to network users.
A specific type of resource that is not physically obtained by a user, but is accessed periodically by the user. [4] See Web Service
includes things states do, e.g. regulate markets, tax, set standards
A matching set of tableware.
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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
In data broadcasting this defines a single service data channel for an IP including address, continuity, repeats, etc.
A sequence of programmes under the control of a broadcaster which can be broadcast as part of a schedule.
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Used in this handbook as a term that may include scheme and centre regardless of the type of care.
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Under current rules servicing is allowed only in designated service parks and under designated time. Exception to this is servicing done by the crew with tools and spares carried on the car.
A string of vessels which makes a particular voyage and serves a particular market.
The current status of a service. This is used to mark temporary service interruptions. The allowed values are Available and Unavailable.
A term usually applied to a business which sells a service rather than manufactures or sells goods (eg. an architect or a window cleaner).
A web-accessible, form-based tool that allows users to query for astronomical data.
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A term that describes a chargeable unit of work. A service can have only one rate.
The defined, regular pattern of calls made by a carrier in the pick-up and discharge of cargo.
To contribute to the well-being and satisfaction of others. To help people who need help and improve society.
A tool available to enforce a security policy. See Policy versus Service versus Mechanism .
Automated computer actions or methods which apply forms, rules, logic and/or validation to retrieve or distribute data or other supportive computing logic to content; Web Services.
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Counter Fire Door: A small version of a fire door where the combined door, still, and frame (optional) assembly has a fire protection rating and will automatically close to a counter top in case of fire.
Work done by an entity to improve the well-being of others.
A software entity whose interactions with other entities are via messages. Note that that a service need not be connected to a network.
A product/service mix that offers only a service, with no accompanying product needed or wanted, such as an insurance policy.
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Service refers to Correctional Service Canada.
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'Anything that cannot be dropped on your foot.'
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The UPS service type for a shipment. For more information on service types, refer to the UPS Rate and Service Guide.
PLAN The rate plan you select when choosing a wireless phone service. A service plan typically consists of a monthly base rate for access to the system and a fixed amount of minutes per month.
See Eligibility Service, Pensionable Service, Purchasable Service and Transferred In Service.
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that which is achieved by using a facility.
The period, normally monthly, collection of mortgage interest and principal repayment and other related expenses, such as property taxes and property insurance.
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to make regular interest payments.
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see Human Service Agency and Organisation.
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One or more IT systems which enable a business process.